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Throwback: Paul Walker Pretends To Be Vin Diesel On The Set of Fast & Furious

It’s been about three years since beloved actor Paul Walker has passed away. And even though he’s not here with us today, we can still reminisce about the “Fast and Furious” actor through photographs and videos. In this heartwarming video, we get to see the goofier side of Walker and how he played a hilarious prank on the set of “Fast And Furious.” 

 Although Brian O’Conner was more of a serious character in the film series, Walker was one silly guy behind-the-scenes. When he wasn’t in front of the camera,  he was having a good time with the “Fast and Furious” family. In fact, he and Vin Diesel were such good buds that Walker even wanted to BE like his buddy, Vin.


The video begins with a view of a muscular man wearing a hoodie and doing squats next to a car. Tyrese Gibson comes in looking for Vin Diesel and starts calling out the actor’s name. Gibson begins approaching the guy in the hoodie and yells out, “Everybody’s been looking for you in your trailer, man I just called your phone like…” After stopping mid sentence, Gibson gets a good look at who’s REALLY hiding underneath the hood.

“Paul, what the [expletive] are you doing man? Dog, what are you doing?” asks Gibson. Lo and behold, it’s Paul. He tells his co-star that he’s actually Vin Diesel and Gibson walks away totally unimpressed with the actor’s prank, but the charade doesn’t end there. We can already see Walker wearing a bald cap to represent his friend’s lack of hair but he takes things one step further by unzipping his hoodie to reveal what he’s wearing underneath – a fake suit of abs.

Clearly this joke wasn’t that funny to the victim of the prank but Walker was already committed to the joke. He flexes his fake body and yells out, “What time is it?! It’s Diesel Time!” When this guy acts, he goes all out.   

 The video was uploaded on the YouTube channel Eat It and has been viewed over 4.4 million times since it was first posted on December 15th, 2013.

Clearly people in the comments section have a better appreciation when it comes to comedy gold. The majority of the comments come from Walker fans that praise his prank while wishing that he was still here today.


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