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Apparently This Underwear Is A Thing, And People Are Actually Wearing It



There have been some pretty bizarre trends over the years in the fashion world from see-through pants to pants that literally don’t have a bottom! With beauty standards changing left and right and things that were once seen as unattractive becoming attractive, it’s safe to say that fashion makes its rounds.

However, this one trend that is slowly starting to take over the internet is leaving some people a bit puzzled. These undergarments are designed to accentuate a certain body part, and it’s probably not what you have in mind.

Who knows if people seriously wear these or if it’s a joke, but regardless they’re on the market and people are actually buying them.

Check out this bizarre fashion trend that is pretty hard to explain. Hopefully it doesn’t catch on because that would be pretty awkward in most situations.

I’m not sure why these are a thing… Aren’t we supposed to be hiding this kind of part? Most women wear pants and undergarments in order to have a sense of privacy, this really bears it all…

It’s basically like a push up bra for the lady bits. All that added padding will definitely make it look like there’s something there.

It sure does enhance the downstairs department and it definitely makes it look like your undergarments and pants are getting all up in your lady business.

It’s a bit unclear as to why these exist, but the internet can’t seem to get enough of them. They’re just so bizarre looking! Even stranger seeing someone wearing a pair.

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