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Mom Catches Her Son In The Act And Four Other People Caught Red Handed

In this video compilation, five people are caught red-handed doing some pretty embarrassing things, and a mom even catches her son “in the act,” but it may not be the act you think it is!

In the first clip, a pool player chalks up his cue and prepares to take a shot. He bends over and, before you know it, he lets out some gas. He stands up straight immediately with a slightly embarrassed look on his face while the crowd and commentators giggle in the background. It doesn’t get much worse than letting out some gas in front of a crowd of people, does it?

The second clip shows a soccer player falling onto the ground in visible pain. He clutches his leg in agony as he drops to the ground. The camera zooms in on his face and shows him clearly smiling, caught in the act of faking an injury.

Lip-syncing shows are all the rage right now, but being caught red-handed in the middle of a performance is not only embarrassing, but also potentially career-killing! The next clip shows the lead singer of a band singing his heart out. Clearly in the moment, a fan walks on stage beside him and lightly taps his arm. The lead singer immediately breaks out of character and screams out in fright while the audio in the background continues. His scream can be heard over the audio, and he tries his best to redeem himself in the situation by putting his arm around the fan and continuing to sing. Caught in the act and handled with class!

man singingYouTube

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In the third clip, a mom catches her son in “the act.” Now, at first the clip leads you to believe that she may or may not be hearing him having a good time by himself, but it turns out that the clip is a rather upfront ad for a diabetes campaign. The mom hears her son moaning in his room and opens his door. She sees him and lets out a gasp. “If you keep doing that you’ll go blind,” she exclaims.

Her son raises a triple bacon cheeseburger and eats it, and a voice over states that “poor eating habits can lead to diabetes,” which can in turn cause blindness. The commercial is a little offensive, but it’s definitely effective!

Finally, the last clip shows a little boy sitting next to a talk show host. As the host interviews a guest, the camera catches him sneaking a peak at the host’s cleavage. Before he can get away with it, the host turns towards him and completely catches him, and he doesn’t even show any bit of shame whatsoever.

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