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People Who No Longer Talk To Their Family Explain Why They Cut Their Ties


We all have our family issues. The old saying “you can pick your friends but not your family” may not hold true for some in certain situations.

There are a lot of people who have a serious family drama that unfortunately is very tragic in some cases. For whatever reason, some of us simply need to eliminate toxic family members from our lives for our own well being.

The following list of 25 people who cut ties with their family was posted on Reddit where users contributed their own stories of how they cut out their family members from their lives.

1) The “Great” Aunt: Just about an hour after my mother died, my great aunt told me that I didn’t have any right to be in the same room as my mother’s body because I am a drama queen and apparently never truly loved my mom. I was 15 years old at the time. That’s not something you should say to a teenager who lost a parent. I am way better off without that toxicity in my life. I am lonely, but I’m safe. (Reddit user: Heavy_In_Your_Arms)

2) Leaving the Country: I was serving in Iraq, and my family didn’t bother telling me that my Mother had died. I found out through an email two weeks after the funeral. By the time I got home, they had divided up all of her possessions, and I got a brown envelope with 4 pictures of her in there. I got up, left and never went back. I married a girl from overseas and tried to get her a visa. My aunt finds out and sends a letter to the embassy stating that I’m an unsavory character, and the marriage was a scam. Visa denied. Now I’m leaving the country to be with her. (Reddit user: Boat1690)

3) Dental School VS Mother: I haven’t talked to my mom in over 9 years now. It sucks but I’m much happier after making that decision. The breaking point was when I was trying to apply for dental school. I was having a hard time with the entry exams, and my mother is the kind of person who has always embarrassed me publicly rather than encourage me. My mother found out about my having got a speeding ticket once, and she called my friends while on speaker phone, saying “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? DROP OUT OF SCHOOL AND BAG GROCERIES! STOP WASTING EVERYBODY’S TIME!” Ever since then I decided not to talk to her. Nine years later, I completed dental school and I’m in my last year of orthodontic residency. (Reddit user: MechZZ)

4) Racist Grandmother: My grandmother casually mentioned to my sister that she hoped my sister had a miscarriage. Why? Because the baby’s father is Mexican-American. I never saw or spoke to my grandmother again after that day. Fast forward to now, my nephew just turned 16 and I couldn’t be prouder. (Reddit user: reditandbleep)

5) Past with my Mother: I no longer speak with my mother. She allowed me to be abused by her boyfriend when I was just a kid. She was messed up on pills at the time. Whenever she left the house, I’d beg her to take me with her. But she never did. I tried to form a bond with her in my adult life, but she kept bringing up the past when I told her not to. I had to cut all ties. (Reddit user: krys678)

6) Both My Parents Died: My mother is awful. She was emotionally abusive and neglectful my whole life. She only had kids for the benefits. My brother was only 18 months younger than me, but she often mixed up our ages. She’d mix mine and my sister’s names up, and not care. I hated her for years, but I finally ended my relationship with her when I was 19. My Dad died from cancer, and my mom used my Dad’s recent death to try and hurt me. I walked out of her house, and I haven’t seen her since. I’m 24 now, and now that I meet new people, I just tell them both of my parents died. (Reddit user: I-miss-my-cow)

7) Evil Father: I cut my father out of my life many years ago. I could write an entire book on all the evil things he did. I’ll summarize: he was physically, sexually, and mentally abusive. He was a raging narcissist and drug abuser. He was mercifully absent for long chunks of my childhood. Some notable occurrences included beating me with a removable cord for an electric skillet while our neighbor sat and watched. He beat my stepmom with a metal studded belt in front of me and my half-brothers, I don’t remember why. One of my brothers found some kittens that seemed to be abandoned, and my father got so angry he threw one of them against the wall, and killed it. (Reddit user: Song_of-storms)

8) Bad Parents: My parents have been drug addicts my entire life. My father is a narcissist. I cut my mother out of my life first, after she stole $5,000.00 from me. She OD’d. My father weaseled into my life again, but I am working on establishing my boundaries with him, and limit our time together. Sometimes parents just don’t “do their best.” (Reddit user: Bodymindisoneword)

9) Slanderous Relatives: I had to cut out my Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins on my Dad’s side of the family. I got sick of their lies. My wife and I married fast, we didn’t have a wedding we just went to the courthouse. They heard about this and said my wife was a stripper and an easy woman. My wife was never a stripper, nor was she ‘easy’. We paid them a surprise visit, and suddenly they’d never heard about any of this. They called my college and told them I had a drinking problem. (That never happened.) When I worked for a company they told them I was selling drugs. (I’ve never done drugs in my life.)  I started my own business and they spread lies that I’d steal your things. I got sick of this and hired a lawyer to threaten to sue them. This managed to stop them. Years later I haven’t talked to them and have zero intention to. (Reddit user: deleted)


10) Father’s Religious Family:  My family cut out my father’s side of the family almost entirely with the exception of a few people. A few years ago, my father was dying and we desperately needed help. Some of this help was financial, but we really just needed emotional support. We were losing my father, but they didn’t seem to care. Some of them even went out of their way to impair us. When he was at death’s door, the worst of them called up worried and arranging his last rites. My father was not a religious person at all and didn’t want that. They just kept trying to interfere. They can all rot for all I care. (Reddit user: Kii_at_work)

11) Grandma’s Curse: I am fine with everyone in my family except for my grandmother. All my life she has been a bully towards me, and almost everyone else in my family. When I finally graduated from college, I invited my professor, and my friends & family over for a party, including Grandma. My nephew was acting up hitting people with a foam sword, so I kindly told him “no.” My grandma completely loses it on me, shouting how nasty and mean I was. Finally, I went to cut a cake, and my Grandmother unironically curses my firstborn child. It was embarrassing and she apologized later, so I just haven’t talked to her since. I don’t need to put up with bullying just because we’re related. (Reddit user: Mbeatrice)

12) The Black Sheep: I’ve always been one of those “black sheep” in the family. In the 80s and 90s, I was a typical inner city “skate punk” kid. My parents had no problems smacking me around (it was how they were raised). But my extended family relentlessly teased me and picked on me for the way I dressed and cut my hair. Never mind that when you’re a teen and your appearance is important, I didn’t have much money to buy stylish clothes, so I’d go thrift shopping and “punk up” my outfits. When my mom died suddenly when I was 18, I had no reason to stick around so I took off. The only person who ever gave me any kind of encouragement is my wife. I live for her and my kid now. (Reddit user: PunchBeard)

13) Family Of Mormons: So, I’m not a religious person. From a very early age, I didn’t understand a lot of the crazy restrictions and rules set out by my extremely religious family. I realized one day that I was gay, and decided with some encouragement from my peers to come out of the closet. Each and every one of them reacted with hatred and discrimination. The straw that broke the camel’s back was my father ‘beating’ the gay out of me, which was encouraged by my Mother, all my aunts, and uncles. I turned 18, packed my bags, and left the house. They told me that if I didn’t go to a “pray the gay away” camp that I wasn’t allowed back. It’s been 17 years and I haven’t spoken to them since. Now I live in a penthouse in NYC and I have a new family of awesome theater people who I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world. (Reddit user: deleted)

14) Conniving Relatives: When my parents died, my only remaining grandparent decided that I must be megarich and that she wanted some of the money my parents left. (I wasn’t rich, this is just her definition of someone who has a job and isn’t living off government benefits.)  She paired up with my drug-dealing uncle, fresh out of jail, and they stalked me for two years. Phone calls at all hours, threatening and loitering outside my building. Following me in the car, etc. I was young, scared, and didn’t want to upset my family by calling the police. When I was old enough, I moved out and escaped from them. I had to cut myself off from the entire family. (Reddit user: vicioustyrant)

15) Absent Father: I had to cut off my dad from my life to protect myself when I was really young. He used to say he was coming to take me for the weekend, and then never showed up. I’d sit there with my bags packed for hours after he was supposed to come. My mom would call him and I’d hear arguing over the phone. Then she’d put me on the line, and I’d fight back tears listening to his excuses and apologies. Eventually, he stopped pretending and didn’t try anymore. Years after he tried to rekindle a relationship, but I wasn’t interested. I wasn’t up for round 2. (Reddit user: MrsValentine)

16) Nagging Parents: At one time I had to cut each of my parents out of my life individually. They had absolutely zero respect whatsoever for boundaries. My mom would nag me so much, and when I told her she MUST stop, she gave my email address to her friend so they could nag me for her. My dad would go nuts if I didn’t contact him for a few days. He lives on a different content when calls are $5/minute. He didn’t hear from me for a couple of weeks, and he called my local police department. (Reddit user: sterlingphoenix)

17) Evil Sister: Growing up my older sister and I fought, but it was like, normal sibling rivalry stuff. When we got older, however, things were different. She’d get drunk with her friends and throw up in the house. My mother would ask her, and she’d bold faced lie and tell her it was me.  Another time, she took MY car out for a spin, that I paid for with my job, and she crashed it into a mailbox. She drove it home and didn’t tell anyone. I tried telling my parents I didn’t know how it got like that, and I could just tell my sister was lying. It took my parents a while to realize she was lying too, but eventually, she was caught by my dad, who had security cameras installed, around his house, and saw that my sister came in and stole a bunch of cash from their wallets, including mine. My parents are generous people, they’d give you money if you needed it, but this behavior was ridiculous. Turns out she was using the money to buy clothes. When I moved out, she kept calling me asking for money because my parents wouldn’t give it to her anymore and pretending like nothing ever happened with me. Needless to say, I don’t talk to her anymore. She’s such a brat. (Reddit user: deleted)


18) Middle Child Syndrome: My middle sister is an emotional vampire. Everything has to be about her and her feelings. I blew up on her finally, when in February I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I asked everyone to not say a thing until I was comfortable letting people know. Of course, she goes and tells our mutual friend who is also her boss 24 hours later. I found out because the friend called me up and asked how I was feeling. My sister wanted time off to help ‘take care of me’ which I didn’t ask her to do, and tried to make my cancer diagnosis about her. I quit talking to her, and I’ve gone through treatment. I’m in full recovery and lost over 30 pounds. I’m much less stressed. (Reddit user: fishburnm)

19) Brother and his Pyramid Scheme: My younger brother got roped into some kind of pyramid scheme selling energy drinks. It’s one of those situations where he gets someone to sell his drinks for him, who gets someone to sell drinks for them, etc etc. I looked it up, and this ‘business’ is renowned for their controversy and illegal financial dealings. I told my brother about this after he tries selling me some of this stuff, and my brother doesn’t want to hear it. I let him live his life until I find out that he put my name down, and the names of all of our relatives in his little ‘scheme’ and profited off of us. When I confronted him about it, he denied it and spat in my face. I haven’t talked to him since, and I’ve found out that he’s now $20,000 in debt. Serves him right. (Reddit user: deleted)

20) Dad’s Family: My family cut ties with most of the extended family on my Dad’s side. They aren’t really bad people, with the exception of my Aunt, they’re just leeches. My aunt on the other hand… is a train wreck. She tried to get my father beat up by a biker gang, tried to steal my identity, tried to convince my sister who was 13 to run away from home to live with her (300+ miles away). This woman is an absolute monster who brought nothing but misery to everyone in her life. I’m happy to be rid of her. (Reddit user: iCountFish)

21) Uncle Chris: Uncle Chris was a priest in our community. Uncle Chris was an absolute creep. He never got caught doing anything he shouldn’t have, but I’ve seen his car parked outside the adult toy store, I’ve seen him at the Casino, etc. He was always really friendly with me, and although I thought he had some problems, I didn’t think anything terribly from him. Finally, he offered to pay me for intercourse using the church’s donation money when I was 17. I couldn’t believe it. I told my parents, and now nobody in the family talks to him, even though he ‘claims’ he was just testing my faith. He’s such a creep. (Reddit user: deleted)

22) Lying Sister: My sister is and always will be a compulsive liar. The kind that will call you in the middle of the night, claiming that she’s been violently abused by her boyfriend, but she was never even touched. It’s something she does so often, and it’s always never true. It eventually became too toxic to be involved in, so I don’t talk to her anymore (Reddit user: MacDthree)

23) Religious Nan: I had to cut out my Nan after moving in with my boyfriend (0f 6 months at the time, now we’ve been together for 7 and a half years.) She cornered me and told me what a terrible person I was, that I was shaming my family and his. She said I upset his parents and now they hated me because of it. (A complete lie.) She then said I was raised better than this and that I should get married before moving in. I was disgusting to her. She was religious but she knew full well that I have never been, so why does she expect me to conform to her strict religious standards? She was even the only person bothered by it. (Reddit user: WolfieH89)


24) Kind of the Opposite: This is kind of the opposite from you guys, but it’s similar. Growing up my mother and father were never really close. Eventually, they got divorced but I never knew why. Finally, my dad decided to come out of the closet and told us that he was Gay. My mother and my sister were huge homophobes, so her and the rest of our entire extended family cut him out of their lives. Me, on the other hand, talk to him daily, and we’re like best friends. I’m so proud of my Dad for making this decision for himself.  (Reddit user: deleted)


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