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20 Times People Had The Worst Day Imaginable


Sometimes our lives can be pretty difficult. Work, school, family, relationships, stress…everything combined together can sometimes really put a heavy load on our shoulders. Sometimes this stress can lead to some pretty bad days, and I think we can all agree that when those bad days hit, they hit pretty hard.

Have you ever had a day where nothing seemed to work out? Missing your alarm on a Monday morning only to get a speeding ticket on the way to work, getting to work and finding out you have a deadline that’s already an hour late, forgetting your lunch at home, the list goes on. We’ve all experienced those days, and they suck.

Well, you’re not alone. And if it makes you feel even a tiny bit better, here are 20 people who had the absolute worst days imaginable.

1. I wonder if this person even ended up trying to open this can. I’d probably just throw it on the ground (or in the garbage) in frustration.


2. What a waste of lovely, delicious, amazing beer.


3. That is not good…not good at all.


4. You can just read the look of defeat all over this girl’s face and body language. There’s nothing like making a delicious bowl of pasta and then having your cat come and ruin the day, is there?


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