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20 People Having The Worst Bad Day

Some days it feels like the world is out to get you and there’s nothing you can do about it. A true bad day usually starts with the typical warning signs that you should have never left bed, including:

  • Sleeping past an alarm,
  • Forgetting an important item,
  • Missing the bus.

However, as bad as your day may seem, there are always people that make you realize it could have been a lot worse. Spilling your coffee or passing out in public can seem almost favorable in comparison to what some people’s days have been like.

Here are 20 people who are having the worst bad day.

1. This unfortunate soul’s innocent curiosity resulted in eternal shame. On top of it all, she most definitely missed her bus.


2. This young girl is in for one disturbing post-nap realization. She may have thought she was safe in the backseat, but she might as well have been sleeping under bleachers at a baseball game.

3. She may have thought she had the perfect outfit for picture day, but little did she know, it would haunt her entire life.

4. What better way to celebrate your marriage than with an adorable bird that’s known to mate for life, right? Wrong.

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