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20 People Having The Worst Bad Day

Some days it feels like the world is out to get you and there’s nothing you can do about it. A true bad day usually starts with the typical warning signs that you should have never left bed, including:

  • Sleeping past an alarm,
  • Forgetting an important item,
  • Missing the bus.

However, as bad as your day may seem, there are always people that make you realize it could have been a lot worse. Spilling your coffee or passing out in public can seem almost favorable in comparison to what some people’s days have been like.

Here are 20 people who are having the worst bad day.

1. This unfortunate soul’s innocent curiosity resulted in eternal shame. On top of it all, she most definitely missed her bus.


2. This young girl is in for one disturbing post-nap realization. She may have thought she was safe in the backseat, but she might as well have been sleeping under bleachers at a baseball game.

3. She may have thought she had the perfect outfit for picture day, but little did she know, it would haunt her entire life.

4. What better way to celebrate your marriage than with an adorable bird that’s known to mate for life, right? Wrong.

5. The tragic moment when you thought you had just crossed the finish line only to discover you had been running in the wrong race.

6. Mornings are not easy, but they become much harder once you realize that the bowl you used for your cereal is actually a strainer.

7. This Reddit user’s one mistake turned him into a prisoner of his own basement. He wrote: “I’m an idiot… Just painted the stairs to my basement now I’m trapped.”

8. This young woman fell hard out of the ceiling for some strange reason. This certainly won’t be easy to explain or live down.

9. Days truly don’t get much worse than this. Turns out there’s a reason why hearses don’t have large back windows.

10. So close to being able to indulge in a slice of pizza and then this reminder that today is just not to be enjoyed, but only endured.

11. Just when you think you can escape your day and drive home. This person probably never thought he’d be in the market for a beekeeper suit, but life is full of surprises.


12. This woman is going to end up wearing a lot more red than she originally planned. Clearly, signs are not as effective on the ground.


13. There was no escaping the spray of this bus as demonstrated by the outline of the person who had no choice but to wear mud.

14. Finally locating your keys has never been so unrewarding. Looks like this person isn’t getting home any time soon.

15. This woman thought she could save time by going through this puddle instead of around it. Now she knows to never underestimate another puddle again.


16. No matter what he does, this man will never be taken seriously by his co-workers again. Considering there are multiple angles of this blunder, he may want to switch units all together.


17. The next time you think you’re having a bad day, consider this girl who had a porcupine fall from a tree onto her head. The only lucky thing she has going for her is that she didn’t look up.

18. At least this housekeeper was given fair warning, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a far cry from a fun work day.


19. This unlucky man went from being the most popular guy to the most hated guy in a matter of seconds.


20. Optimism can take a quick turn, which also might have been what caused this drink to end up all over the car seat.



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