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People Who Post Their Fitness Routine To Facebook Could Have Psychological Problems


When you’re browsing on Facebook and Instagram, how many gym photos do you see? Maybe you have a friend that is constantly doing it, or maybe you even do it yourself.

The usual pictures that are posted are ones of poses that show off the gym progress, mostly before and after pictures. Guys usually post pictures of their T-shirt raised up to show the 6-pack they have developed. Starting to sound familiar right?

It doesn’t stop there, it’s only the beginning. These same people then start to post photos when they’re running and also post updated photos of their healthy diet and can’t help but tell the world how much they care about their appearance. These type of people may not know it, but they possess a personality trait that could be harmful down the line.

Psychologist Dr. Tara Marshall believes that people who constantly post social media updates reflects their personality traits. For this reason, researchers at Brunel University conducted a survey.

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The surveys included 555 Facebook users and were asked a series of questions that pertained to different posts and how they felt about them.

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Research from the study found that people who are keen on updating their exercise routine, and constantly are updating their diet, tend to be narcissists.


The study concluded that the main reason for the constant exercise posts and diet updates is the need for motivation and acceptance from the Facebook community. These types of statuses are the ones that generally get the most likes.

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