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People Who Post Their Fitness Routine To Facebook Could Have Psychological Problems


When you’re browsing on Facebook and Instagram, how many gym photos do you see? Maybe you have a friend that is constantly doing it, or maybe you even do it yourself.

The usual pictures that are posted are ones of poses that show off the gym progress, mostly before and after pictures. Guys usually post pictures of their T-shirt raised up to show the 6-pack they have developed. Starting to sound familiar right?

It doesn’t stop there, it’s only the beginning. These same people then start to post photos when they’re running and also post updated photos of their healthy diet and can’t help but tell the world how much they care about their appearance. These type of people may not know it, but they possess a personality trait that could be harmful down the line.

Psychologist Dr. Tara Marshall believes that people who constantly post social media updates reflects their personality traits. For this reason, researchers at Brunel University conducted a survey.

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The surveys included 555 Facebook users and were asked a series of questions that pertained to different posts and how they felt about them.

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Research from the study found that people who are keen on updating their exercise routine, and constantly are updating their diet, tend to be narcissists.


The study concluded that the main reason for the constant exercise posts and diet updates is the need for motivation and acceptance from the Facebook community. These types of statuses are the ones that generally get the most likes.

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However, Dr. Marshall has a theory about the amount of likes each post gets. She believes that despite these statuses and posts getting the majority of the likes, many of the users friends may just be polite individuals and support their friend. But secretly they dislike each post and egotistical people.

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The survey measured the 5 most common personality traits (extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness), self-esteem and narcissism.

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Results showed that those with low self-esteem posted frequent updates about their romantic partner, conscientious people posted frequent updates about their children; and the narcissists mainly posted updates about their achievements, diet and workout routine. The narcissists craved attention and the acceptance of the Facebook community.

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Don’t stop posting things on social media, but you should keep track of the things you frequently post. A pattern may be forming and you may not be getting the kind of love from the Facebook community like you thought you were.

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Staying with the narcissist personality, below are a few examples of what a narcissist is incapable of doing for anyone, let alone someone that they truly care about.

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Care About You: Narcissists are absolutely incapable of caring about the kind of pain they are causing to someone. The only way to stop this pain is to remove yourself from them or distance yourself, because the cycle of pain will only get worse.

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Interested in Your Problems: If you think that you have found someone to confide in, but they turn out to be a narcissist, you’re better off talking to yourself about your problems. If the subject or conversation does not revolve around them, they will not give any input or even show the slightest of interest.

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Apologize: If by some miracle you manage to corner a narcissist and confront them about something they have done wrong, don’t expect an apology. They will try to twist the situation and make you feel like you’re crazy for even confronting them. If that doesn’t work, they will do everything in their power to try and change the conversation to something you’ve done wrong.

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Make You Feel Good About Yourself: To make themselves shine, narcissists tend to put others down, especially in public. They will make friends with people that are less attractive or less intelligent than them, so they will always be the center of attention everywhere they go. Belittling people makes them feel inferior and powerful, which is why they choose weak people as friends.

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Take Responsibility for Their Actions: Anytime a situation goes wrong, it’s always someone else’s wrongdoing, never theirs. For example, a past relationship that did not work out. It was because they dated horrible people that did not appreciate them.

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Support You: Because putting down people is what makes a narcissist powerful, you should never expect them to support you at all. If they do end up supporting you, you can be sure that they will either use that to their advantage to put you down, or they will turn around and stab you in the back.

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Appreciate What You Do for Them: If you are dating a narcissist, you could buy them beautiful flowers, plan a romantic dinner at a restaurant and even plan a nice walk on the beach. Instead of responding with a sense of gratitude, they will complain that they would have preferred a different restaurant, or that it’s too cold out to go for a walk on the beach.

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