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Photos Of Betsy DeVos’s House Have People On The Internet Reacting

It’s probably best not to ask how but photos of Betsy DeVos’ house were thrown up on social media and people had some thoughts about it.

Just to give you a quick lowdown of her place, MLive reported in 2010 that the mansion on its own is 22,000 square feet, the guest house is 6,000, and beside the guest house resides the pool house.

Quite a few tweaks were made to the house since Betsy and her husband Dick moved in seven years ago. 

The once-12,000 square foot main home turned into the 22,000 square foot main home that it is today. Five bedrooms were brought down to three and the eight and a half bathrooms were converted into five full bathrooms and five half-baths. 

MLive also reported that the house contains an infinity pool.

Despite the impressive square footage, people on the internet were commenting on its gaudy appearance (while also managing to throw in a few shots about who she is as a person.)

But those who caught wind of her house were all over it soon enough.

When Twitter users had caught of the 22,000 square foot vacation home, plenty of them took to commenting on the architecture.

While others spent their time designing very convincing Photoshops of DeVos’ house having once been spotted in a Thomas Kinkade painting. Not even gonna lie, I fell for that one at first, too. You just can’t unsee it.

Some users pointed out how unfair it is for DeVos to own a house like this when teachers will never be able to afford something like as lavish with their current salaries.

A salary that DeVos already thinks is too high.

But, for the most part, after deviating from her salary, most went back to poking fun at the overall design.

And just overall Betsy DeVos.

When MLive caught up with DeVos in 2010, she told them in an interview that she is excited about the new three-story palace. “As our family is continuing to grow, our hope is that it will be a gathering place for many generations,” she told the media outlet.

house 11Mark Copier/The Grand Rapids Press

And the house generated tons of attention with photos popping up of cars pulling over on the side of the road just to get a look at it.

house 10Mark Copier/The Grand Rapids Press


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