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Child TV Star Kirk Cameron Makes Statement About Hurricanes And People On The Internet Were Not Happy

Kirk Cameron is best known for his role as Mike Seaver in the classic 80’s show Growing Pains. Now he’s an evangelist, participating and creating a ton of things in television and radio, all religious based. It’s no secret that he’s pretty religious.

But recently, Kirk’s religious views has bothered people on the internet, specifically his interpretation of the meaning of hurricanes. Not surprisingly, what he feels the hurricanes mean is all related to God and his power…basically it has nothing to do with climate.

While waiting in an Orlando airport preparing to feel the hurricane, Cameron said on his Facebook: “This is a spectacular display of God’s immense power. And when he puts his power on display, it’s never without reason. There’s a purpose…we know it’s not random.”

He also gave some advice to parents whose kids have questions about the storms: “remind them that God is the blessed controller of all things.”

#1 Facebook @KirkCameronFacebook @KirkCameron

He continued, “He is the one who gives us peace, security and strength in the midst of the storm”

#8 ABC News |

But lets face it, the real possibility here is that God wants us all to pay attention to climate change.

People decided to turn to Twitter to express their opinions of Kirk’s analysis of the storm and let’s just say they weren’t too impressed.

One person tweeted, “Hey @KirckCameron, your hopes and prayers sound less than sincere when you call destruction of life a display of God’s power”.

While another tweeted, “I don’t think I can consider my life a success until Kirk Cameron scornfully judges me for how i’m living it”.

Another just had enough of Kirk trying to use religion to explain a storm, Tweeting “OMG these religious nuts trying to explain weather are giving me a migraine”.

Everyone is definitely allowed to interpret all these storms that are happening the way they want to, but if you’re posting it on the internet be ready for people to voice their opinions back!  


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