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People In Happy Relationships Reveal The One Thing About Their Partner That Bothers Them


There’s nothing in the world sweeter than being in a relationship where both of you love and trust each other. But even the best relationships can’t:

  • be perfect
  • because both of you are human,
  • there are going to be some things about your partner that annoy you (and vice versa!).

The best and healthiest thing to do about those little annoyances is to acknowledge them with kindness and a sense of humor. Recently, people took to Reddit anonymously to share the little things that frustrate them about their partners, and the results were fascinating. Some people found that their problems were pretty common, some people found that other people had already thought of solutions, and some people realized that their problems were way funnier than they’d originally thought.

We collected the best of these stories, ranging from the adorable to the weird to the teeth-clenchingly  annoying. Read on for twenty-four stories of the things that frustrate people, even in the happiest of relationships!

1. “Instead of throwing the stickers off fruit in the garbage, my wife sticks them to the counter right above the garbage can. She used to do it randomly until she found out how much it annoys me. Now she does it deliberately.” (FourFingerLifeHug)

2. “He’s like a human heater and likes cuddling too much, so I end up waking up in the middle of the night literally sweating as he constantly rolls over to spoon me. And don’t get me wrong, it’s really sweet, and I love it until I almost get heat stroke.” (derangedbuffalo)

3. “My husband is the anti-hoarder. He’ll ask “why do we have this giant flashlight? we NEVER use a giant flashlight” and throw it away, and then a week later, he’ll ask, “Why don’t we have any big torches in the house? Why am I stuck using these little travel size ones?” (onesecondofinsanity)

4. “He doesn’t tell me everything that I would tell if I were him. For example, once we were talking about our days and he said: “and then I came home early after the funeral.” “…funeral? Whose funeral?” “You know. For Bob.” “Who is Bob?!” “My coworker, the one who died last week of cancer.” He had been working with this guy for a year. In an office of maybe 20 people. He had never once mentioned a co-worker named Bob who had cancer and died.” (WaffleFoxes)

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