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People In Happy Relationships Reveal The One Thing About Their Partner That Bothers Them


There’s nothing in the world sweeter than being in a relationship where both of you love and trust each other. But even the best relationships can’t:

  • be perfect
  • because both of you are human,
  • there are going to be some things about your partner that annoy you (and vice versa!).

The best and healthiest thing to do about those little annoyances is to acknowledge them with kindness and a sense of humor. Recently, people took to Reddit anonymously to share the little things that frustrate them about their partners, and the results were fascinating. Some people found that their problems were pretty common, some people found that other people had already thought of solutions, and some people realized that their problems were way funnier than they’d originally thought.

We collected the best of these stories, ranging from the adorable to the weird to the teeth-clenchingly  annoying. Read on for twenty-four stories of the things that frustrate people, even in the happiest of relationships!

1. “Instead of throwing the stickers off fruit in the garbage, my wife sticks them to the counter right above the garbage can. She used to do it randomly until she found out how much it annoys me. Now she does it deliberately.” (FourFingerLifeHug)

2. “He’s like a human heater and likes cuddling too much, so I end up waking up in the middle of the night literally sweating as he constantly rolls over to spoon me. And don’t get me wrong, it’s really sweet, and I love it until I almost get heat stroke.” (derangedbuffalo)

3. “My husband is the anti-hoarder. He’ll ask “why do we have this giant flashlight? we NEVER use a giant flashlight” and throw it away, and then a week later, he’ll ask, “Why don’t we have any big torches in the house? Why am I stuck using these little travel size ones?” (onesecondofinsanity)

4. “He doesn’t tell me everything that I would tell if I were him. For example, once we were talking about our days and he said: “and then I came home early after the funeral.” “…funeral? Whose funeral?” “You know. For Bob.” “Who is Bob?!” “My coworker, the one who died last week of cancer.” He had been working with this guy for a year. In an office of maybe 20 people. He had never once mentioned a co-worker named Bob who had cancer and died.” (WaffleFoxes)

5. “My partner overextends herself and volunteers for EVERYTHING. Halloween decoration and science fair project coordinator at the school for the 1st graders? Sure! And she always ends up crying at home the night of.” (deleted)

6. “His absolutely awful Italian impersonations he obnoxiously does in public just to embarrass me. I get so annoyed, turn bright red, sweat profusely and yell at him to stop but that just makes him yell “eyyyy linguini” even louder.” (buttplague)

7. “She asks for permission whenever she wants to take something from the fridge. Baby, we’ve been together for two years and you spend half your nights in my condo. Stop asking if you can take a Coke Zero and just take it!” (herpityderpdoo)

8. “He’s gullible when it comes to news media. I’ve had to teach him how to research his sources before posting stuff on Facebook that’s blatant lies. He’s learned, but I still don’t follow him on Facebook because it gives me anxiety.” (shylowheniwasyoung)

9. “He changes the words to popular songs, sings them constantly, and gets them stuck in my head.  “His version” of songs are often inappropriate/completely meaningless. Like, he’ll sing Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” with the chorus sung as “UNCLE DIGIORNOOOOO, UNCLE DIGIORNO LEEEEEEE.” Hilarious, but I can never remember the right words!” (_boov)


10. “I think it’s really cute how our worst traits cancel each other out. His worst trait is that he’s terrible with money and planning, while I’m organized and good at saving. My worst trait is that I’m a master procrastinator and a slob, whereas he’s more motivated and finds cleaning relaxing. Just find someone who is the opposite of you in all the right ways!” (jemmeow)

11. “My girlfriend doesn’t at all like to do things that benefit herself and slightly inconvenience me. Example: “Do you want me to pick you up from school?” (She doesn’t drive) “You drive me around a lot, I don’t want to inconvenience you!” Like, I’m sitting here doing nothing and I want to see you, just let me help you!!!” (Supertruper19)

12. “He remembers EVERYTHING I ever say. Every preference, every off-the-cuff whim, every mood, analysis, passing thought…. He memorizes it because he cares so freaking much about making me happy. Which is really, really sweet! Except when he remembers what I said way better than I can. Then it’s really embarrassing.” (lavenderblue)

13. “He is like the classic stupid movie stereotype of a man watching sports. He’ll start screaming stuff like “AND THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED UP ANOTHER FORWARD IN THE GODDAMN SLOT!” I can’t even say “they can’t hear you, love” because I’ve said it so many times it annoys even me.” (MimzytheBun)

14. “He’s indecisive as HELL. The other day I had to pick for him at a dine-in restaurant because he kept asking “Should I get a salad or a burger?” long enough for the server to come back 3 separate times to take our order.” (SquidOfReptar)


15. He’s always complaining about feeling unhealthy. This wouldn’t be so bad, except that he then goes on to eat like crap, drink a bunch of soda, stay inside all the time, and destroy his own sleep schedule. Why.” (AnPowerliftinMermaid)

16. “He insists on explaining incredibly simple concepts to me like they’re hard. Like, I thought I was really stupid because I didn’t understand the philosophical concepts he was telling me about, and then I took a philosophy class and realized he was purposefully making it sound harder than it actually was!” (Samwise_Vimes)

17. “She’s a darling, and I love her, but she’s constantly pulling random strands of hair out of her head when she’s in our bed. One day, I swear I’m going to be strangled by them.” (deleted)

18. “She never usually uses the actual words for things. Any time she asks me for something, she’s like, “Can you grab me one of the (long pause) thing things?” It’s funny because her twin sister understands exactly what is being referred to, no matter the context. I’m still learning.” (LoreChief)


19. “I love my partner. And this seems like a ridiculous thing to mention, but he’s CONSTANTLY showing me memes that are super out of date. Like, welcome to the Internet, homie! I’ve seen that meme 800 times!” (4everurmom)


20.  “She loves to go through all our photos at least once a day and gushing about how cute or sweet I am as if she has a high school crush and is too shy to talk to me in person. Sometimes she starts crying about “what if I don’t like her back” and I have to cuddle her and remind her that WE’RE MARRIED.” (deleted)

21.”She lives over five hundred miles away. Every day is a countdown until we get to see each other next. Can’t wait until I move closer to her later this year!” (Jimothy09)

22.  “When he tells stories he takes foooooreeeeeeever to get to the point and sometimes forgets the point of the story in the middle of it. My worst trait: I am impatient.” (alisonwonderland00)


23. “She always jumps to the worst possible explanation for an issue. Like, I left my phone in my truck by mistake yesterday. I had a text message telling me that Wayne Brady will be performing in Hamilton, followed by a bazillion missed calls. When I called her back later to apologize, she was bawling her eyes out, certain that I had died. She had canceled our dinner reservations and was beginning to call local hospitals. I sit at a computer all day. No emails. No calls to my desk. This is my life now.” (skookumchooch)

24. “He keeps re-naming our cat. And they aren’t good names either. Sargeant Pickles. Algernon. Cotton eye Joe. Every time we have company over and they ask what her name is, he replies with something like, “Oh that’s Ol’ Baloo.” (JuuustJess)



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