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24 People Who Should Have Checked The Background Of Their Photos

Photos are a great way to capture those special, feel-good moments. You have them to look back on for the rest of your life.

It’s a way to remember your family and friends.

No matter where you end up in this world and no matter how sentimental, funny or plain the photos turn out.

1. Nowadays, most of the photos we take we end up uploaded to the internet. We share them with our friends and family and even strangers. But sometimes, sharing these photos on social media can be a pain. We’ve all experienced posting a picture that we thought was perfectly fine but then realized it’s actually really embarrassing. Usually, these embarrassing photos consist of something that we’ve noticed in the background. It just proves that the person who uploaded the photo didn’t really pay attention to the photo. Here are some funny examples of people who should’ve checked the background of their photo, prior to posting it. The first one is some WWE business going on while this man is trying to take a nice, classy photo. He has everything done, from his hair, his outfit, to his pose. Then, whatever is going on in the background totally killed the vibe. I really hope this man didn’t post this photo onto his Tinder profile, though it might be a great conversation starter.

2. Aww, look at this cute picture of a mother and daughter traveling. Wait. What the heck is going on behind them? Are those two small children loading themselves into a cannon? Or at least trying to? Hopefully, the mom stopped them before they were used as a secret weapon of mass destruction.

3. This kid is READY for his night out. Looks like he’s taking a selfie to show his special date or to his group of friends. Regardless, the moment is totally killed by his cat in the background. It’s either super thirsty or is totally disgusted by the suit this kid is wearing. Ouch.

4. Sometimes you just want to take an adorable photo of your dog…or a ton of cute photos of your dog. Whichever. But sometimes the photos turn out to be kind of unflattering. Not for the dog but for the dog owner. Guessing they had a good laugh after this photo was taken.

5. All Paris Hilton wanted to do was take a nice photo with a Kangaroo while she was traveling. But then a pair of photobombers showed up and were positioned in the wrong place at the wrong time. This family-friendly photo took a turn for the worst…at least it makes for a funny memory, right Paris?

6. These two girls wanted to take a cute picture while on a night out at a country bar. They probably decided to upload this photo and totally didn’t notice a woman who appears to look green in the background while riding a bull. This photo went from looking cute, to looking just plain frightening!

7. This kid looked like he was ready to paint the town. But this is a good lesson for him to remember for future photos; whether you are in the photo or simply just taking it, always remember to wear pants. It’s really important. Hopefully, he got a good laugh from it when he posted it on the web!

8. Guessing this guy was going for a strong, tough, rugged look. I mean he’s wearing a beanie and flexing like he wants to look aggressive. But no matter how tough you may look on the outside, you always have a soft spot for grandma. Totally killed his vibe, but pretty adorable that his grandmother is taking photos of him.

9. The animals in the background decided to do a group huddle while this little girl was trying to get a nice photo of herself amongst the animals. Someone should have waited for the moment to pass or maybe they just wanted to have the memories. I mean I’d laugh looking back at this photo. It’s a pretty funny moment. Well done giraffes, well done.

10. Taking a photo to show off how many notifications you have on Facebook is excusable. I mean, you want to show that you are really important and people need you. However, what is not excusable is failing to clear out your search bar prior to taking the photo. That’s super awkward. Wonder what the damage was after this person posted the photo!


11. People take bathroom selfies to show off their cute outfit of the day. You want to show how good your hair looks, your makeup and especially your outfit. But all the cuteness goes down the drain when people can see all the way up your nose. Makes for a pretty hilarious photo though!

12. Really happy this guy didn’t miss his landing while this sweet couple was trying to take a beautiful wedding photo. It honestly made a pretty cool photo though. But I’m sure the bride was really happy that the guy didn’t land right on top of her head. Would’ve made for a pretty messy wedding.

13. Ah, nothing like an adorable family photo while swimming on a beautiful, sunny day at the beach. But what on earth is the guy in the back doing? Did he fall? Or did a shark randomly swim up and take him by the foot, attempting to drag him into the ocean? Who knows, hopefully, he’s okay though.

14. A proposal is a huge moment for any couple. People get really prepared for it, having a videographer, photographer. You really want to remember the moment forever and ever. But this guy in the background clearly wanted to be remembered as well. Horrible for the couple, hilarious for the people on the internet.

15. All this couple wanted to do was to take a cute photo on the beach. They wanted to remember perhaps their first beach trip together, or they wanted to remember the good times that they had that day. But then something weird just HAD to have happened behind them. Not sure what’s going on or why…


16. This entire group looks like they had an amazing time on their vacation. Whether they were friends prior to the trip or just met while vacationing, this photo had to be taken for memories. But the girl behind the blond guy should really be careful where she positions her foot. That’ll be the focus of this photo for the rest of their life.

17. Nothing beats a sweet photo of a new dad with his new baby. It’s such a beautiful, emotional moment that the father and his son will look back on for the rest of their lives. But I’m sorry to say, how this baby’s foot is position completely takes away from the magical moment. Even if it is just the baby’s foot.

18. Weird things that are happening in the background of photos can make the photo super entertaining. But it can also sell you out. This girl was clearly trying to show off her curves, but maybe she should have looked out for the door’s curves as well? Oh Photoshop, what a magical, magical tool.

19. Family photos are pretty important and take a lot of work to plan. The parents have to look good, all the kids need to match, and you have to pray for no rain….it just takes a ton of time and effort. But when you gotta go, you gotta go and this dog definitely had to go. Hopefully, he didn’t ruin the rest of the photoshoot. Still an adorable photo!


20. Notice anything off with this photo? Anything? Keep looking. No, it’s not next to the girl, or in front of the girl or even on the girl. Look behind her. I mean it happens to people, a lot of people actually. But I guess they only realized after posting the photo that something was off…hopefully it didn’t make you crack up too much!

21. This guy is clearly joking about the type of person who would pull this stunt. A little tip for anyone who is trying to trick the world of social media: always check that your reflection isn’t seen in the photo. People who do this usually get called out by their friends online.

22. If you want your kids to take sexy photos of you, perhaps being a mom isn’t for you? This woman should’ve at least not taken the photo in front of a mirror so everyone can see her adorable, innocent daughter taking the photo. All “sexiness” credit has been removed from this woman. Epic fail.

23. Then again, taking a photo with a mirror behind you might not be such a bad idea. It can help you spot some creepy people. Like in this photo. This girl thought she was just taking a silly photo with some silly glasses. But in reality, it was a photo to spot a creepy man checking her out. Yeesh!


24. Again, a lot of people like to portray things on social media that aren’t actually real. Take this guy for example. He wanted people to think that his annoying “girlfriend” is taking some photos of him when he just doesn’t want to. But with the help of a mirror, it’s actually the guy’s feet that aren’t allowing him to just sleep. This picture looks like a satirical parody though, so take it with a grain of salt!


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