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24 People That Made Their Disability Humorous


The old adage goes: ‘when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.’ We can’t all be dealt four aces, so it’s more how we play our hand than the cards themselves.

A disability is a very general term that is meant to indicate any physical, mental, sensory or cognitive condition that can limit full participation in life. As per the statistics done by the Rick Hansen foundation show, approximately 15 percent of the world, which amounts to 1 billion people, live with some sort of a disability. This group is considered to be the world’s biggest minority group and one that anyone can become a member of at any time. It is estimated that around the world, 40 percent of people know someone with a disability in their immediate circle of friends or family.

So given this giant group of people, it should be no surprise that you have met or seen someone with some form of a disability. But having a disability doesn’t necessarily mean missing out on fun or being depressed, there are still plenty of things to do and a life to live. So here at Providr, we have compiled 25 instances where people with disabilities were able to poke fun at themselves.

1. With a number of people on Tinder these days it is almost essential to have a great bio. A witty, charming, and entertaining bio will not only filter out the ‘bad apples’ but it will also generate some good laughs. You have to be a really special type of person to have such an amazing sense of humor about your disability!


2. Some people just have a good sense of humor. Did he get that tattoo prior to the surgery as a form of instructions for the doctor or did he get it afterward in order to poke fun at himself?


3. In celebration of the upcoming Halloween, this may be one of the very best costumes that I have seen. While some might assume that to be a prop leg it is actually this man’s prosthetic leg. Talk about going all out for a costume!


4. Apparently, this man’s friends and family just love to poke fun at him. Although it is true that all his friends are probably ‘walkers’ let’s hope that they are not all zombies like the t-shirt alludes to.


5. When you take a children’s saying a little too literally. I wonder what the big toe is buying at the market? And how can it travel without a pair of feet when toes are attached to feet?!


6. This tattoo is extremely realistic. I mean even in the zoomed out picture it still looks like a giant finger. Definitely some creative minds behind this innovative tattoo. I wonder if that’s how big a giant’s finger would be.


7. Another instance of a fantastic costume idea for Halloween. I mean the only thing the soccer player is missing is the little screw in his chest! Except for the dark, deadpan eyes on the Foosball player, it is a little creepy.


8. This one is a bit of an optical illusion. It kind of confused me at first and it still does now. Is she resting her leg on a prosthetic knee which is connected to a prosthetic leg? I am not quite sure how that even works…


9. They said stepping on ONE piece of Lego was bad. Or does this make you immune to all Lego pieces since it would just attach to the other pieces? I guess with a Lego prosthetic leg you can change it as you please.


10. It’s important to be able to poke fun at yourself sometimes. Despite the circumstances that one is placed in, it is vital to maintain a positive outlook. It is estimated that 18 percent of working adults in the UK are disabled, so don’t give up!


11. Those kids on the beach aren’t even one bit fazed by this man’s wacky pose. Although he is trying to play dead on the beach, those kids seem more confused and baffled than scared.


12. In the UK it is estimated that 44 percent of pension age adults are disabled. Almost three and a half million disabled people are in employment. Disabled people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed than non-disabled people.


13. This couple is simply using anything and everything at their disposal in order to make this Royal Guard break his composure. And it appears not to be working since this soldier is paying the couple no mind.


14. The most common disabilities in the United Kingdom are mobility at 53 percent, stamina, breathing and fatigue, which is at 39 percent, and dexterity at 29 percent. Despite any mobility issues that this person might have, at least they’ve still got their sense of humor!


15. This picture is actually quite confusing. Is that a prosthetic leg? If so, why did they feel the need to flip it around? Is flipping your foot around the real reason to weight loss? This picture has me pretty ‘stumped.’


16. This 3-D tattoo is absolutely jaw-dropping. I mean, just look at how the scars are used as a part of the tattoo. This is terrific artistry. The dolphin looks like it’s jumping out at you and I wonder if the recipient of the tattoo got this dolphin for a specific reason?


17. Another case of a prosthetic leg turned backward. Maybe this is some sort of fashion trend that is new? Although, I am not quite sure how having a foot reversed is going to be beneficial for a mountain hike or a run.


18. This one is quite morbid, although it is very literal. It has been shown that since the London Paralympic Games, there has been a positive uptick in public perceptions of disabled people. Back in 2012, almost half of the British public didn’t know anyone that was disabled.


19. And then more than 67 percent of the UK public felt awkward around someone with a disability. Since then there has been a positive trend to being more aware and open. And yes, this is an image of someone packing an extra leg for their vacation.

20. This meme definitely has to make you laugh. It’s so literal yet so punny! And by the looks of it, there’s no one on the flight so there should be plenty of room in general! But come on, it’s rude to put your feet up on the seat!


21. This woman was apparently trying to emulate a character from A Christmas Story. And by the looks of it, she knocked this costume out of the park! Not only does she accurately resemble the character but it also looks like she’s having a ball of a time!


22. A couple who can laugh and make fun of each other is a couple that’s going to last a lifetime. Apparently, the man lost a hand and the woman had a mastectomy so what better way to celebrate a holiday than to get each other a pair of gloves and a bra for Christmas?

23. ‘Oh you don’t need to serve me miss, I have my own table right here.’ That’s probably what he said when he was asked to be seated. Just look at how happy and proud he is of his ingenious innovation.


24. What’s most impressive about this giant picture is the ice shark in the background. How much snow did this street experience in order to build a giant snow shark the size of a house?! And I don’t get it, why would the shark go after this man for stealing a snowball?



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