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24 People Who Are Winning At Life


Sometimes life is on your side. You’re either at the right place at the right time, or you were born with a random skill or ability that comes in hand.

There are also folks who make these moments happen for themselves. You look at them and think, “I can’t believe you just did that, you are officially my hero”.

Here are 24 People who are winning at life.

1. Bob Menery is one such case where you’re lucky because you were born with a gift. His gift is a peculiar one and he took advantage of it. Menery’s voice sounds like he has been training for many years to become a professional sports broadcaster. Not only does his voice sound like a sports broadcaster, but his tone, pace, pronunciation, and sports knowledge with little to no stuttering are out of this world. After posting a video on youtube of him doing a bit, he received 317 calls. At the time he was an unemployed comedian, but he has since received numerous job offers after his video went viral. According to Menery, “Basically, I’ve had a cool little voice that I did. People told me I had a great voice. I was just doing this shtick. I would incorporate the voice and do some broadcasting on the street in all these videos. I never did anything with it.”

2. This pub was in the perfect place at the perfect moment. If it had been any other store it would’ve just been a nice picture because of the rainbow. This picture is just perfect. It’s also pretty spot on that the store next to “Pot of Gold” is called “Lucky Leprechaun”.

3. Washing your hands shouldn’t be a stressful occasion, it’s a pretty routine task, but whoever placed Morpheus by the sink wants you to make some tough decisions. Washing your hands could determine whether or not you’re staying in the matrix. Choose wisely.

4. The bride is normally very busy during wedding season, so it’s understandable if she doesn’t meet every one of her engagements. However, missing your wedding photoshoot is a little strange. All the same, one photographer did a wedding shoot with the groomsmen because the bride was too busy. Here’s the result:

5. Jailbroken phones are truly the best. It’s very likely that it has some pretty bad consequences for your phone, but it also allows you to do some pretty interesting stuff that would otherwise not be possible. One guy jailbroke his phone which gave him the ability to put his bitmoji wherever he wanted.

6. This guy truly deserves an award for this beauty of a Halloween costume. Stock photos are used for when you can’t find a photo that directly relates to what you are talking about, but you need an image. They are filler photos and are usually quite bland. Recently they’ve been used in memes a lot. Now we can add Halloween costumes to the mix.

7. This man saw his chance and took it. Since it is technically free Slurpee day and it is a container he’s filling up, it all seems in order. I’m pretty sure the store owners probably weren’t too happy with him. They’ll probably think again before reinstating free Slurpee day next time.

8. Teslas are electric cars (just in case you’ve been living under a rock for several years). The car developed by Elon Musk, entrepreneur extraordinaire, does not consume the natural resource and also does not pollute the air with greenhouse gas emissions. They are expensive, but you’re also saving a fortune on gas.

9. This seems gross and the idea is pretty strange, but if you read the explanation below it sounds pretty interesting. Apparently, Girl Scouts are taught that a can of Sprite/7up can be substituted for anything and everything that needs to be added to white cake mix.

10. It’s the best when people have awesome license plates; it makes driving more amusing. This one, for example, says “Escuzme” which is a phonetic spelling of “excuse me”. Even if this car is trying to budge in your lane last minute like those annoying drivers do, would you be mad? Cause they’re saying excuse me first.

11. If your relationship doesn’t have one of you eating chicken wings off the bum of the other, is it even real? Look at Chrissy Teigen and John Legend just effortlessly being the couple goals of our dreams. Obviously, she looks fabulous as always, but I have to hand it to those chicken wings. Lookin’ really good.

12. When you need to appear on television but just can’t be bothered to put in the effort. But if we’re being real, this isn’t just exclusively a situation you face when you need to be on TV. This is for video interviews, skype calls, basically anything that requires a person to see you when they talk to you.

13. The savagery of female independence is unmatched by anything else and we’re all so here for it. Women don’t care and it’s something beautiful—really just brings a tear to your eye. Here’s one dude that was given a nice lesson by a woman who didn’t need his comment tbh.

14. This picture is beautiful, especially what with DACA and the mess in the US right now, this picture is topical. Not only is her t-shirt awesome, but her body language is like “I’m good, we’re good, you can relax, put down the phone, no need to call ICE for backup.”

15. The skill needed to create this masterpiece is unreal. I don’t understand how this was made? The base makes sense, more or less, but what kind of anti-gravity jinx was cast to put the sides and top on? Either way, the result is very cool and it would very fun to eat one at a time.

16. This is insane. How convenient (or unsafe) it is to have a child that you can put in weird places that you can’t reach yourself. This is one such place that would be nice because quite frankly, this game sucks and it’s next to impossible to get a decent stuffed animal.

17. This guy who face timed his PS4 so he can play in the bathtub. I am stunned at the level of genius and also surprised at the reach of the PS4 controller. But apparently, it can happen so just think of the possibilities! As long as you can find a way to display your screen, you can play from anywhere.

18. The perfect CD for your dad’s Honda Odyssey. Is it good music? That’s unlikely. But if your dad likes to annoy you to no end by telling you dad jokes all day long, then you should definitely get this for him and get back at him for the years of torment.

19. The lady who has mastered the art of multitasking. If you can be in labor and deliver your own baby, there is really not much you can’t do. She was ready to give birth to her baby when she heard that another mother was also close to giving birth and the doctor on-call was still on his way.

20. It’s important that no family member feels left out. So if you’re having a family get together and someone can’t make it, just make sure you photoshop them in the picture before you post it. That’s your life hack of the day. If you need further explanation, check the picture below.

21. Ok, this isn’t a person but the turtle had a life and is winning at it. This turtle is more fly than you’ll ever be. It’s rocking a Gucci shell cover like its 1999 and it fits like a glove. I very much hope that no turtles were harmed in the making of this shell glove. The little guy seems to be ok, albeit angry. 

22. Don’t you love seeing this? This is absolutely seamless, so whoever took the photo must be a surgeon or someone with supremely steady hands. How is the background even similar it’s amazing. It looks like the person who took it and the one who’s in it decided on this picture together. It’s too good to be spontaneous.

23. Desperate times, call for desperate measures. This guy didn’t have a white background on hand, so he made a white background out of his friend. He gets a point for resourcefulness. He should use this as an example if he gets asked a question about a time he was resourceful during the interview.

24. The dad who took dad jokes to another level. I wonder how his daughter feels about all of these recreations. The hand one is killer, but the fact that he made (or bought) a stuffed human to put behind him so as to imitate her boyfriend – that is a true commitment to his cause.


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