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12 People Who Broke The Rules To Get Out Of Tricky Situations


Sometimes, life can offer up some pretty tricky situations. No one likes getting into trouble or getting caught in an awkward situation, so sometimes the only option is to bend the rules a little bit.

Whether this means breaking a window or hiding under a bed, sometimes these creative decisions can save your neck.

Check out these 13 people who broke the rules to get out of a sticky situation.  

1. This isn’t exactly what Tinder was intended for, but this girl certainly had an insanely clever idea. I wonder how much money she managed to rake in.

2. Is this clever or what? Everyone knows you’re not supposed to bring food into the movie theaters, but these girls found an incredibly clever way to sneak in some of their favorite fruit.

3. This sneaky dog started barking at the front door and when his owner went to see who it was, he stole a slice of pizza!

4. Looks like she’s home alone right? Not quite. Check out who’s hiding under the bed. Not sure if she’s hiding him from her parents, or a partner. I wonder if they got caught. Or even worse: what if the girl doesn’t know he’s there and that’s actually a burglar? 

5. This is the strangest thing. Why would somebody steal one scone? Panera Bread is being a pretty good sport about it.

6. Would you stoop to this level of trickery just to get some free dessert? You can almost see how hard this girl is trying to hold in her laughter.

7. Not the best idea to post this type of thing online, but it looks like this girl found a pretty sneaky way to get all the answers correct on her test.

8. Who on earth managed to keep a full outfit from the year of 2000. What’s even more confusing is: who accepted the return?

9. I’m wondering if it was the students or the pictured teacher who was up for this. Think about it, if it looks like he’s at his desk then the kids could get up to all kinds of shenanigans.

10. I guess that’s one way to appear cooler or more professional than you actually are. It looks like this woman is carrying around an expensive camera lens but it’s actually just a fancy coffee mug.

11. I wonder if this is the same guy from before! Looks like hiding under the bed is still a pretty common thing no matter how old you are. This situation is pretty awkward. I wonder if the girl’s boyfriend was the Pizza delivery man or if he just showed up randomly.

12. Now, this is an elaborate plan involving several broken rules and some sacrificed hair. Looks like this was one crazy night.


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