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20+ People Who Said They Didn’t Want Cats

Cats are one of the few good things left on this wretched planet, and so it’s always heartbreaking to see people write them off as cruel or heartless.

If you also think cats get an unfairly bad rap, nothing will warm your heart like these 24 pictures of people who didn’t want cats.

Or at least, people who said they didn’t want cats—caught in the act of loving them.

“When your dad says that he “doesn’t like cats” but you finally convince him to let you get one and you end up getting pics like these while you’re at work.” (@noragross1)

“He claims he doesn’t like cats but he’s currently refusing to disturb the sleeping cat to get up and pull the curtains …” (Chocohalix)

“Growing up, my grandpa hated cats and told me that when my cats died I wasn’t allowed to get more under his roof. They died. I got another. This is my grandpa today.” (Foxtastic)

“After moving into my new place, my fiancée talked me into getting a cat. I’ve always been a dog person, and my fiancee is working the weekend … but I think everything is gonna be just fine. She’s a smart one, learned how to use her litter box the first day. Today she picked up Xbox while I was playing The Masters 12.” (plus1zero)

“At first, I didn’t want to have to take care of kittens… then this happened. We kind of rescued him. My fiance and I are fostering the mommy. When she was brought to us, we had no idea, but it didn’t take long for us to realize that she was pregnant. So, we built her a little den right next to our bed and waited… A few weeks later, here we are with four gorgeous little babies!
When we first realized that she was pregnant, I was a little reluctant… I was just thinking about the time and money we’d have to spend and didn’t know if it was something we’d be able to do with our busy schedules and limited income… Yeah… I was wrong. Cutest little things I’ve ever seen! And as a bonus, it makes me feel like our decision to volunteer as fosters was totally the right thing to do!” (zombioptic)

“When I first brought my cat home, my mom wanted nothing to do with him. She always kept my bedroom door closed and never let him out unless I was home to make sure he didn’t do anything “bad”. Slowly, she started coming into the room, petting him, kissing his head, letting him out little by little, and eventually starting tucking him in (pictured). My dad was the same but he eventually started calling his name and feeding him treats. When my cat heard my dad call him, he’d instantly run to him. Complete 180 from both parents.” (johns_87)

“No. I don’t want to hold a kitten.” Little sister found 5 kittens on a local golf course. The mom hadn’t been seen for two days, so she took them in and has been hand raising them. At this picture, they were probably about 2 weeks old. This one is Birdie. And the “cat hater” he’s napping on is my dad.” (meet_the_dean)

“I don’t want a kitten, I’m not a cat person!” A week later… 
He’s from a very conservative Eastern European country where men don’t like pets or wear pink or do anything that’s considered effeminate in any way. Yet here we are. 
Pretty much everyone “isn’t” a cat person…. until they get a cat.”


“My husband swears he’s not a cat person. Today, he and Lola were taking selfies while I drove.
She is actually my 3rd tortie. She has a personality all her own and I swear, she likes getting in trouble. For the first few weeks after we brought her home, my husband and I joked that she’s going to think her name is “Lola No!” because we have to stop her from getting into so much stuff. She is wild and runs laps through the apartment and pounces on my other cat. I love her to death because she’s nuts.” (razorbladecherry)

“Didn’t want a cat, didn’t want a cat … ended up with a cat. Meet Nala. She came from a shelter and was found with her brother dumped in a box, he was adopted quickly because he was a tabby cat. But the shelter has a hard time finding people who want black cats. After the first day of her running away and hiding, she now comes up when called.” (nessager)

“I’m not a cat person, but this cat might just change me. Ghost is a stray that was recently taken in. He loves to be held like a baby when he naps. He’s just so relaxed about everything and content with his new domesticated world. Happy caturday!” (tittyanaa)

“My boyfriend who doesn’t “like” cats. Cats know when someone doesn’t like them and then they make it their mission to win them over. Cat always wins. My little guy was in the pound for 9 months because nobody wanted a cat with a missing eye, best decision I ever made.” (Dricatica)

‘”I’m not a cat person.” She always says we will never have cats when we move in together. My son and I have other plans, and it looks like she is starting to change her mind about her decision.” (SMP113)

“I am not a cat person. My Mom found the most social stray. He is anything but ignored. His legs are going to atrophy because when he passes anyone in the family we pick him up and snuggle. (Please do not take that literally. His legs will be fine).” (hannahnah)


“My dad ‘hates cats.’ He always said if it wasn’t a big badass German Shepard then it was just a nuisance underfoot. I’m pretty sure that he never accounted for the purrs and snuggles. She’s been giving him face kisses all Christmas… Yeah, he’s weakening as we speak.” (nnklove)

“Dad says he doesn’t like the cat, I walked into the room and saw this. It was sleeping but when I got close to take the picture it woke up and realized the situation. It did jump away soon after and my dad woke soon after as well. I probably woke him up too when I was standing on the bed but most people don’t jump out of bed as soon as they are awake.” (The_Wash)


“14 years ago, my sister and I got a kitten for our dad who had always said he hated cats. I was 16 and my sister was 13 at the time. We got him as a family cat, we had one before that disappeared (was an outdoor cat) so a few years later we got this one for the family and presented it as a gift ‘for [our] dad who hates cats’ even though it had long since been established that he actually loves them. They’ve been inseparable ever since.” (Spinnak3r)


“My dad never wanted a cat, and look at him now. No, he is not punching our cat in the face, he has been stroking her chin for at least 15 minutes. Normally she is a very peaceful cat, but she likes to sit in my neck and on certain moments she loses her balance and I’m left with a few deep scratches. but in the end, it is all worth it.” (ricktamentol)


“I didn’t want cats. My wife wanted cats. So we compromised and got 5 cats. They just make her so happy that I actually surprised her with 2 rescues and then 2 days later the lady calls us and tells us the other 3 need a home because their home got flooded from all the rain here in Honolulu. This just happened!” (HawaiianCam)

“When I was growing up, my dad always used to say he didn’t like the cats (we always had 2-3) and whenever one died he would be like “absolutely no more cats!” My senior year of high school I brought a kitten home and of course, he said “No way.” One morning I came downstairs and he had the cat curled up inside his jacket and was giving him Eskimo kisses. when he saw me he gently set the kitten down and said “get out of here, cat. what do you think you’re doing?” Yeah, we kept it. Now that my parents are empty-nesters, he’s fully embraced his crazy cat man status. He calls their two cats “his boys” and I get pictures of them every other day. My mom always laughs because she was the one who wanted the cats but he’s the one who worships their furry butts.” (emilyjobot)


“My boyfriend said he didn’t like cats. When we first met he told me we couldn’t have cats because he didn’t like them. That was just unacceptable to me. When we moved in together, we compromised and got a cat. This is my boyfriend now. Needless to say, I don’t believe anyone can dislike a cat and I win.” (kalsie)


“Me a year ago: I hate cats, they’re evil! Me, now, on my 4th set of fosters. It’s been one of life’s joys. The best so far was watching the kids come by to meet the kittens and then finding out their moms are going to let them adopt. I get so excited for them both.” (Quleki)

“A year ago I would have told you I was one of those people who didn’t want cats and now, today, I post a picture of my best friend Toby. I am actually not 100% sure what he is. He was in a trailer park and I didn’t get a good look at the parents. You can’t see it but his tail is the longest, most fluffy tail I have seen on a 9-month old kitten ever.” (paramorestate)


“My dad, who hates cats, built bunk beds for my boys. I’ll probably relocate it to somewhere else in my room where they have access on both sides but yes, I am going to leave it on the floor. They seem to be enjoying it there so if it ain’t broke, I won’t fix it.” (herinitialsspellher)


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