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12 Things People Who Hate Physical Contact Will Understand

Being an introvert can genuinely be hard sometimes. In modern society, everyone likes to touch each other for some reason. People are obsessed with touching each other’s clothes, hair, accessories, skin, etc.

It almost feels impossible to get away from that. For people who are introverts (or not, maybe you just hate physical contact in general) this can genuinely be one of the worst things in the world.

If you are one of those people who hates physical contact or at least hates physical contact without giving your explicit permission, then you know the horrors of a stranger coming up to you and asking if they can touch your hair. I’m all for a good compliment, but please don’t touch me without my permission.

Since you clicked on this article, I assume you feel the exact same way I do. So here are 12 things that only people who hate physical contact will understand.

1. We all know that feeling of horror you get when someone touches you without your permission.

2. When someone you just met that night says “where’s my hug?” or “I’m a hugger, come here!” and goes in for it without consent.

3. That feeling when someone tries to guilt trip you for “not being affectionate enough” and accuses you of having had a bad childhood. How about you don’t psycho-analyze me and work on your touchiness instead?

4. When someone gets in your personal space and ignores your clearly-uncomfortable facial expressions.

5. When people ask to touch you and you already said no but then they do it anyways as if you didn’t just say no! It makes you want to dial 911 and report them to the authorities. 

6. Every time someone gets really excited and grabs and shakes you but you don’t want to be a downer.

7. That feeling when someone tries to be cute and tickle you and all it does is make you irrationally angry. They might get a giggle or two out of you, but you’re more likely to punch them.

8. Whenever someone wants to get your attention and instead of just calling your name they feel the need to touch you. You know how horrific that touch to the lower back feels. Shudder.

9. Of course, the issue with not being physically affectionate is that you have no idea how to comfort people who are. So instead you just awkwardly pat them when they need to be comforted.

10. When people mistake your angry or sad resting face for one that is asking to be held and decide they need to cheer you up with a hug. For some people, this can make them feel even worse.

11. That anxiety you get when you’re about to leave a social event and you have to figure out how to get out without hugging anyone so you just kinda bolt.

12. And lastly, you probably have one designated person who’s the only friend allowed to hug you. When they do it in front of other people, it leaves them looking like…


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