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10 People Who Surprisingly Look Like Disney Princesses


Everyone is familiar with the classic princesses from the Disney films. From Cinderella to Princess Anna from Frozen, powerful females in royalty have been a staple for several Disney films throughout the years. Other popular princesses include

  • Snow White,
  • Mulan,
  • Ariel.

They’re all awesome and have their own unique adventures, but everyone has a favorite. Some people have even taken to dressing up as their favorite characters for Halloween or putting together more elaborate outfits for cosplay.

Who wouldn’t want to look like a Disney character, and there are some people who are lucky enough that they look exactly like them! Here is a list of 10 people who look just like your favorite Disney princesses.

1. Mulan: You don’t have to be a talented cosplayer to resemble a princess, some people just have the looks naturally! Like Arianna Quan who was crowned Miss Michigan in 2016.

After her win, several people began to notice her striking resemblance to the Disney hero Mulan. Quan is Chinese-American so she could totally pull off Mulan in a live adaptation. I wonder if she can do martial arts.

2. Snow White: Another cosplay artist Sarah Ingle has also spent thousands of dollars on costume pieces to turn herself into different Disney Princesses from Cinderella to Rapunzel.

Her snow white dress took 6 months to design and make. With her curly black wig and delicate red lip she makes the perfect Snow White. The contact lenses also help to enlarge her eyes which gives her a real Disney vibe.

3. Ariel: Saraswati is a makeup artist from Malaysia who uses her skills to create awesome looks. She gets really clever with incorporating different colored Hijabs into her transformation, not allowing her religious beliefs to stop her from cosplaying.

Her take on Ariel is cute and clever featuring a bright red hijab that perfectly matches the cartoon red of Ariel’s hair. She even managed to style the hijab in order to create Ariel’s signature poof.

4. Jasmine: When Olayinka Mia Noel dressed up as Jasmine one Halloween, the resemblance was so uncanny that her image went viral.

With the help of a cheap costume, Olayinka used some awesome contour and highlighting skills to give herself a sharp airbrushed look, just like Princess Jasmine. She also shares her prominent collar bones and plump lips.

5. Elsa: Though she isn’t a Princess for the entire time in Frozen, she is still one of the most popular characters from a Disney film. Lydia Lewington discovered how similar she looked to the snow Queen after she dressed up as Elsa at a local mall.

Her sharp jawline and lightly colored long blonde hair make her look very similar to Elsa. After posing for photographs she began getting offers to entertain children at birthday parties. Lydia has watched Frozen over 30 times and takes her dedication to Elsa very seriously.

6. Baby Moana: This adorable little girl was born looking like a Disney Princess! After the release of the movie Moana, several people saw the resemblance between baby Moana and little Illssa Rose Abadin.

She has the same round face, big brown eyes, and apparently she even makes some of the same facial expressions. I wonder if Illssa will grow up loving the ocean as well.

7. Rapunzel: Imagining this princess in real life might be a bit difficult, especially with the larger than life hair. Many people opt to wear the braided version of Rapunzel’s hair during cosplay but for Skyler Vallo who is a model and actress in LA, she lets it all flow down and it looks shockingly like the real deal.

After using 15 ft of hair extensions, Skylar managed to pull off a pretty convincing Rapunzel. She resembled the princess so much that she was actually hired by Disneyland in Anaheim, California to play her in their theme park.

8. Pocahontas: Although she is not the same ethnicity as Pocahontas, this Filipino model certainly does a convincing job.

Sherri Lansang from California has a lot of similarities to Pocahontas: her complexion, eye shape, eyebrows, lips, and long dark hair.  

9. Merida: Someone posted this photo to reddit asking fellow users if they thought she resembled Merida from the film Brave. Unfortunately, her reddit was anonymous so I’m not too sure who this girl actually is.

I do know that her photo ended up on reddit’s main page, and that she shares the Scottish princess’ bouncy red hair, pale complexion, and lips.

10. Belle: It’s hard to pick just one of Richard Shaefer’s amazing cosplays because he has used his makeup skills to transform himself into almost all of them. There’s something about his portrayal of Belle that is bang on.

The makeup artist from Orange County, California is clearly very talented because his cosplays leave him completely unrecognizable and disguised. His epic makeup skills paired with that yellow gown and realistic wig complete the transformation.


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