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16 People Who Quit Their Jobs In The Best Way Possible

Everyone finds themselves at a job they don’t particularly enjoy at one point or another in their lives. This can be your first part-time job at fast food joint or your first office job. We’ve all been at that point where we’d rather be sick in bed than go to work. The best part about working these crappy jobs is that at some point you’ll hopefully be able to quit. When this happens, you give your two weeks notice and grit your teeth during that time, patiently waiting for the countdown to end. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be this way. This list features some of the coolest ways people have quit their jobs. The stunts range from:

  • Creative signs,
  • Cake messages,
  • Hiring a band.

These are definitely some of the most epic ways people have left their jobs and it’s hilarious. It’s probably not the best to quit a job on the spot, but we’re betting these people had their reasons.

Some leave in anger, and others in peace but either way it’s great watching how creative people have gotten when they make this transition in their lives.

1. Joey Defrancesco worked at a hotel company that treated its employees horribly. The young man managed to sneak an entire marching band into the office to help him deliver the message. The moment when his boss comes around the corner and Joey hands him the note is priceless. His former boss is clearly angered telling everyone to leave. Eventually, they start to move out of the building but not before playing music, dancing, and cheering “Joey Quits!” on the way out.

2. One of the most epic ways you can quit a job is doing it in front of a lot of people. A great way to do that would be to do it live on air. That’s exactly what one reporter did when she became fed up of the way her workplace whitewashed the news. Liz Wahl was working for Russia Today she grew tired of the way they covered events in the Ukraine. After sharing her concerns she announced that she was resigning.

3. Doug Walker, creator of the internet series Nostalgia Critic, gained enough success that he was able to leave the job he was working at. He did so in a pretty interesting way. Doug walked into the cafeteria with a boom box and ripped off his shirt to reveal the words “I Quit” and then started head banging to Bohemian Rhapsody. He went on like this until an employee called the police. It was still a pretty epic way to go out.

4. While this JetBlue flight attendant was technically fired, he instigated the end of his job in the most epic way ever. Steven Slater ended up getting into a heated argument with a passenger which lead to yelling insults over the speaker system. After having just finished a flight from Pittsburgh to JFK, Slater grabbed a beer, called out the passengers, and then slid down the emergency slide. Talk about an exit.

5. A pretty popular method of quitting is to leave a part of yourself behind. Why not get a personalized cake? Though this one is a bit more polite and to the point, people have definitely been a bit more creative and sometimes rude with their cake messages.

6. I’ve already mentioned how awesome it must feel to quit your job live. But imagine quitting live in front of an even larger audience, say, during a Super Bowl commercial? That’s exactly what Gwen Dean did when she teamed up with GoDaddy to quit her engineering job so she could pursue her dream job.

7. Similar to cake messages, leaving a cheeky note in a fast food restaurant billboard is pretty popular. That’s exactly what this guy did when he had enough of Taco Bell.

8. In this creative letter of resignation, this woman decided to send and email which contained a tribute to the iconic opening to the Star Wars films.

9. Being a personal driver is probably not the most exciting job in the world, especially if you have a client who doesn’t treat you properly. One man, after failing to receive his payment for the month, decided to quit his job, but not before leaving his clients car parked in a pretty impossible spot.

10. An ex-employee of 2K Australia, Jarrad Farbs, left his job in the most adorable and creative way ever by putting together a customized game of Super Mario. The different stages of  the game explain why he has to leave and it is certainly a memorable way to quit.

11. Working as a video producer at a Taiwanese animation firm, Marina Shifrin took to the internet with an epic dance resignation. She explains in the video that she had been overworked and under-appreciated all while dancing in various spots of the office. To her surprise, the video ended up going viral.

12. This guy decided to go out with a bang by dressing up as a banana and parading through the insurance company he was leaving. As his former coworkers watch in confusion, he is being followed by a mariachi band. Then, at the end, he runs into the parking lot.

13. This one is a little bit staged because his coworkers knew that he would be resigning. But who says you can’t go out with in style? Phil Spika got help from The Steve Harvey Show and performed his resignation with a Barbershop Quartet.

14. A man named Greg Smith left his job at Goldman Sachs by posting his letter of resignation in the New York Times. As the article stated, the company had become toxic. Due to a number of reasons, Smith had enough and decided to share his opinion on the company in a very public way.

15. One web designer got the last laugh when he decided to leave a company that was treating him poorly. Using the IT skills he was hired for, he designed an error to appear on his former bosses computer that pointed out how he felt in a saucy manner.

16. Another reporter who quit her job on the air was Charlo Greene. As well as working as a reporter with KTVA, Greene also owned The Alaskan Cannabis Club. Before she quit from her position with KTVA, she stated that she was going to devote all of her time working towards the legalization of marijuana. Then, she ended her statement by dropping the F-bomb and saying “I quit.”


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