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12 People Who Probably Should Stay Away From The Kitchen


Many people enjoy a good steak and a pretty classic way to eat steak is medium rare. This is when the outside is cooked a little bit, but the inside is still pinkish and raw. Although it’s okay to do this with beef, it’s probably not a good idea to attempt it with chicken.

That being said, people are curious and bored and sometimes, maybe a bit stupid. Like all the people on twitter who have been sharing their tweets of ‘medium rare chicken’ with emojis suggesting that they actually like it.

Whether it’s a joke or not, at least one of these people is probably going to come into contact with salmonella, and some of them already know that!

Can’t wrap your mind around it? Well, maybe one of these 12 pictures will either spark your appetite or make you say ‘but why?’

1. This doesn’t look appetizing at all! It’s so pink, it almost looks like that sushi that comes with the fish skin still on it.

2. I’m really hoping this is some kind of weird meme. From a number of people posting pictures like this and capturing it ‘I like my chicken medium rare’ you’d think there’d be more cases of people getting sick.  

3. Out of all the raw chicken on this list, I guess this one looks the closest to a medium rare steak, but that definitely doesn’t make it safer. I really don’t understand what the appeal is here and I care about my body enough that I don’t think I want to find out.

4. As you can see, the emojis are excessive and don’t exactly match the way a normal person would react to raw chicken.  I’ve worked in a deli, and people are normally terrified of pink chicken because it can lead to sickness. 

5. Oh dear, this one has made it to the plate. This is barely cooked. The sad part is, some of these people don’t seem to care about the salmonella risk.

6. Okay this one is almost disturbing. If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, they sometimes have models of the spine in order to show inflamed muscles and this sort of looks like one of them.

7. These are nowhere near being finished. This person should just put the lid back on and let them cook to the proper temperature.

8. Nope, nope. Not ready. Don’t even wanna look at this one. Can you imagine the texture this would have? This one has got to be a joke. This isn’t even seasoned…

9. This one almost looks like a grapefruit. That’s how pink it is. All trolling aside however, apparently it’s actually common to eat raw chicken when it’s prepared correctly.

10. Some restaurants prepare raw fresh chicken to make into salads, but those chickens are raised by special farmers and even killed in a special way.

11. However the risks far outweigh the ‘health benefits’ of eating raw chicken. You may as well just make some sushi instead!

12. Or stick to steak, jeez! When it comes to being fearless in the kitchen, you should probably at least make sure it’s not breaking any health codes.


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