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16 People Who Took Petty To The Next Level


Sometimes, life offers situations that can be a little bit trying. Whether it be getting into an argument with someone, or having an annoying roommate who doesn’t seem to respect your space—it’s hard to remain kind and patient when life throws you curveballs. 

Now, some people may say the easiest thing to do is to be the bigger person. As much as we don’t like the cliche, you aren’t supposed to fight fire with fire. Blowing up and getting angry would probably just make you look immature.

So what do you do when someone has done you wrong and you kind of want to get them back, but not in an aggressive way? You get petty, which might as well be the shorter way of saying “passive aggressive.”

Whether it be a clever comeback or seeking revenge after an argument, here are 16 people who took petty to a whole new level.

1. Okay, but don’t you think walking around with a few sheets like these would come in handy? There’s nothing worse than a crappy parking job that prevents you from getting a particular spot.

2. Looks like this person is trying to send a message. Let’s face it, no one likes cleaning the drain, but if anyone should be doing it, it’s probably the person with the longest hair.

3. Well, that’s one way to send a message. Rather than just knocking on the ceiling with a broom like most people, this guy is full-on vacuuming.

4. I guess the original Dave should have been a bit more specific. Or he should have double checked that there wasn’t another Dave in the office before leaving his drinks like this.

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