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12 People Who’ll Become The Best Parents Some Day


Being a parent can be a hard job, but millennials are pretty creative people and they’re starting to have more and more fun with it. There are so many other ways to raise children than the stereotypical blue and pink generic parenting methods. Loosen up and have some fun!

Of course, there are also millennials who don’t have any kids yet, but when they do–they are probably going to be the best parents out there!

From silly fake eyelashes to dogs in diapers, here are 12 people who are totally ready to be the most awesome parents in the world.

1. Oh my goodness, so silly! Look at this baby wearing falsies. Hopefully it didn’t hurt the poor babies eyes.

2. To be honest, I am totally at the age where my mom is asking for grand babies. But, this would totally be me. Look at this pupper. He is wearing a diaper! This person is going to be an amazing dog-parent.

3. Whoa! That is a full glam face. She barely looks like a six year old girl. I guess if she was curious about makeup this was a good lesson. But the little girl definitely needs some practice.

4. To be honest, who doesn’t still have the urge to play on all those fun slides and tunnels. Being an adult is rough sometimes. Hopefully no young-at-heart adults have gotten stuck!

5. This would so be me. I have actually texted my sisters to tell them to like my selfies because duh, they are fabulous and everyone should look at them.

6. Yes! Go off, sis! I can’t wait to see the fashion choices that parents of the future are going to pull. This look is so extra and yet, I love it.

7. This almost reminds me of that cute video of a dog in the Ewok suit. So adorable. There need to be more babies in little bear suits so bless this person for doing the work that needs to be done when they have children.

8. Hilarious. Teamwork makes the dream work folks! However, get yourself a supportive partner who comes shopping with you and knows how much you’re spending or just spend it all with your future daughter and spoil the heck out of her! Whatever floats ya boat.

9. Oh boy, I can only imagine! If this guy took this many selfies and photos of his pizza, how many pictures do you think he will take of his friends.

10. Yes! All the dogs! Just make sure you have a big enough yard and the funds to take care of all your animal friends because they deserve the best life. Plus, who doesn’t want a parent who loves dogs as much as you do?

11. Do you remember this book? You can barely make out the cover but it contains a ton of pretty spooky stories. I remember renting it several times from the library. I thought it was pretty cool but this kid doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. Clearly the woman in this photo is going to have a little too much fun with her future kids.

12. This would be such an awesome addition to a home! Don’t you think? How extra does one have to be to build an indoor amusement park? Clearly his kids are gonna be real happy with him. Fun dad for the win!


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