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These People Will Forever Regret Joining Social Media


Have you ever stumbled across something on the internet that was so incredibly awkward that it made you cringe? Even though you were probably glad it wasn’t you in that situation, I bet you continued reading anyways and maybe even held back a laugh.

It could have been someone making a fool of themselves accidentally in a Facebook status, or someone trying to pull a fast one on the internet and getting caught in a lie. Both situations are equally awkward but also equally entertaining.

Check out these 16 people who probably considered deleting their social media after these situations. Whether it be someone bragging too much and getting busted or someone just making a facepalm mistake, these are all pretty hilarious.

1. Yikes. I guess this is a prime example of why it’s not a good idea to put words into someone else’s mouth. Looks like Outside Magazine got caught in a bit of a white lie.

2. I guess when you’re a teenager, you kind of feel like you’re on top of the world. But since this kid is definitely underage all over the world… I’m not sure what exactly he’s drinking. Also, I guess he doesn’t know the fate of many Game of Thrones characters. 

3. Uh… Uma? That’s not the way skin tones and shadows work. This girl is trying to convince her Twitter followers that her husband took this photo when we can all totally see that it’s a selfie.

4. Gross. I hope someone told her that this is a bidet and that rather than drinking from them they’re used to clean your behind. I sincerely hope it was well cleaned before she began guzzling it down.

5. I guess if you’re that lazy and someone presents you with an opportunity like that… you’re bound to get your hopes up. I wonder if Olivia really went knocking on the nearest Redbox.

6. I guess this person hasn’t heard of the satirical news site, The Onion. To be fair, the articles do look really convincing. But honestly?

7. Do these guys realize that they are literally using social media to have this very conversation? I wonder if anyone chimed in to let them know that Facebook is one of the largest and most successful social networking sites ever

8. How could this girl not tell the difference in weight between three books vs. three VHS tapes? I have so many questions about this one. At least she ended up correcting herself.

9. Ah, the age-old credit card leak mistake. For some reason, people think it’s a great idea to show off their credit cards by taking photos of them and posting them on social media. I guess they don’t yet realize how credit cards work.

10. Not sure where she might have found this quote but it’s totally inaccurate, and people were fast to tell her so. If I were her I would stay away from social media for a few days!

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 2.05.20 PM guff

11. I wonder if Brittany is this guy’s girlfriend or a protective friend. Either way, it’s pretty awkward that she doesn’t know his mom’s name. Luckily mom seems to have a good sense of humor.

12.  Talk about awkward. Looks like this girl was trying to give the appearance that she has a gap between her thighs, but the internet can totally see that it’s a piece of paper. Her legs look fine the way they are. Hopefully, someone told her that!

13. This one is a bit more of an innocent mistake. Looks like this girl misspelled the word ‘angel’ and someone decided to have a little fun. I don’t think she got it though.

14. What a troll! I’m not surprised people were gullible enough to try this. Especially with Liesl being an accomplice.

15. Well, that’s embarrassing. I guess this girl forgot the way technology works. Looks like she updated her own status and tried to claim that she was hacked. Whoops.

16. Oh, no…. I hope someone told her… and fast… Not to mention this status is a bit confusing if she didn’t want to announce her ‘pregnancy’ why would she post it to Facebook?


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