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11 People With Very Unusual Body Parts


People with rare and unusual body parts have existed since the dawn of time. The only thing that has changed is our attitude towards them. The further back you go in time, the more you see how little we understood about genetics and why certain people were born with unusual body parts.

Today, we celebrate oddities, and we even award the extremes. The Guinness World Record, for example, stands as the most well-known authority in measuring “human achievements and the extremes of the natural world.”

Whether their intention is to feed our constant morbid curiosity for the anomalous and the rare or to truly keep a formal record of human extremes depends on who you ask. Either way, we’re all fascinated in some way or another by the unusual.

Here’s a list of 11 people with unusual body parts (some have been recorded and measured by the Guinness World Records authorities, while others are just physical abnormalities):

1. The widest tongue in the world. This unusual world record went to Emily Schlenker. Her tongue measures 7.6 cm (which is almost 3 inches) at its widest point.

Fun fact about Emily and her family, who hail from Syracuse, New York: her father, Byron, holds the world record for the widest tongue in a male.

2. The stretchiest skin in the world. Due to a rare medical condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Gary Turner is able to stretch his skin up to 15 cm (6 inches) away from his body.

Because of his condition, the collagen in his skin and ligaments becomes defective and makes his skin loose. In some cases, this condition can be fatal by causing the rupturing of blood vessels


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