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The 28 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever

It’s pretty well known that a photograph has the ability to speak a thousand words. For as long as it’s existed, humans have been using photography to tell stories, capture memories, and contribute to history. People have captured tons of iconic moments such as

  • V-J day in Times Square,
  • Einstein’s Birthday,
  • Abbey Road.

If a photo is captured well and at the right moment, it can convey so many stories and shine a light on what was happening at the time. Sometimes, photos are captured by accident and happen to capture something at the right moment.

Here is a list of 28 photos that were timed perfectly resulting in some funny, beautiful, and interesting photos.

1. Gymnastics: I’m guessing that this pose probably looks better from a different angle. From this view it really looks like this is a headless gymnast.

2. Watching You: At first glance this kind of looks like a creepy eye with a bubble on the pupil. But if you look a little closer you’ll notice that this is actually water draining down the sink.

3. Toy Cars: The way this photo is angled and planned makes it look like the cars are a lot smaller than they actually are.

4. Hanging: That must be one strong crane! I wonder how much planning had to go into this one to get the perfect angle and timing to make it look like the moon was suspended.

5. Monster: The way this one is angled makes it looks like this bug on the window of a car is actually a giant alien monster terrorizing the city.

6. Olympic Glasses: Well that’s an unfortunate coincidence for this guy. This is kind of like that running joke in Monsters Inc. when Mike’s face is always covered with a logo.

7. Cat tails: Cats are already an adorable internet favorite, so when someone captures something like this it’s bound to get attention. Look at how these cats tails lined up at the perfect time to make a heart.

8. Soccer Sun: Taking photos timed with the moon is one thing, but trying to time a photo with a quickly setting sun is something else! If you’ve ever watched the sunset you’ll know that if you blink you could miss it! Good thing this guy didn’t have to hold that pose for too long.

9. Sucks to Suck: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on coffee, and this truck certainly speaks for itself. The advertising probably works a bit better when the door is open.

10. Jump: Photos like this are always fun. Playing with depth and background can result in some pretty neat illusions! It really looks like this woman is about to catch a tiny woman.

11. Lift Off: Some pretty interesting things happen in nature that is either too small or fast for the human eye to see! Like this lady bug catching a ride on a dandelion seed.

12. Say Nuts!: This couple was just trying to take a nice photo by the lake when the spotlight was stolen by this adorable squirrel! It’s hilarious how the camera focused on the squirrel while the couple laughs in the background.

13: Construction: Is this crane getting ready to relocate the Eiffel Tower? Well, I don’t think so but the way this photo is lined up certainly makes it look that way.

14. Moonwalk: This is one small step for man, and one huge looking snowboarder! I wonder how high up he really is and hope the drop wasn’t too far down. This cool illusion makes it look like he’s about to step onto the moon.

15. Crash: Well that’s unfortunate… This would have been a pretty great shot had it not been photo bombed by this unfortunate bike crash. Hopefully the man in blue went over to help after getting this shot.

16. Thief: I’m not sure if this man was actually just robbed of an ice cream cone–but the way his hand is clenched and he appears to be staring at this seagull angry and confused–I’m willing to bet that’s exactly what happened.

17. Snack: Another great nature shot of a bird about to enjoy a berry. I wonder if he tossed it in the air before catching it in his wide beak.

18. Motorcycle: This looks like it could be a scene out of an action cartoon starring a bug that rides a motorcycle. I’m not sure what type of plant this is but it really looks like it has two wheels.

19. Flying Fish: You know that time of year where birds have unique flight patterns and do cool stuff like this? Someone captured a flock of birds that resembles a dolphin swimming in the ocean. Could you imagine if birds always created pictures in the sky?

20. King: Who knows what this guy is looking at, but whatever caught his attention caused this hilariously coincidental photo. It really looks like he just got crowned and he is accepting his new title as king.

21. Tattoo: This photo could not have been timed more perfectly. What are the odds that the guy in the blue with the mustache tattoo would perfectly line up with the other dude’s face. I doubt he was intentionally trying to do this as he appears to be in a headlock.

22. Fish Head: Some people might think that this was a perfectly good photo that was ruined by this rude fish but it’s actually pretty hilarious.

23. Blob: Water distorts the way things appear and this is a pretty good example of that. Someone managed to capture a swimmer right before they broke the surface and it’s pretty neat looking. It almost doesn’t look like a human.

24. Camouflage: If this girl had hidden her hands and dyed her hair light blue you  might not even see her at all! This photo had to be timed perfectly to line up the crashing waves with the whites of her outfit.

25. High five: Would you be brave enough to do this? Some people are quite frightened of oceans and large fish or mammals, but this guy seems to have no problem reaching out for a high five in this epic shot.

26. Foghorn: I wonder how long this photographer had to wait for the clouds to perfectly line up with the horn on this statue.

27. Shocking: Lighting can be very dangerous, but from a distance it’s pretty cool! I’m guessing the surrounding buildings might have lost power after this lightning struck. You can actually see the entire power line spark in reaction.

28. Peep hole: This artistic photo would make for a good postcard. Someone must have been very patient to wait for the sailboat to perfectly line up with the hole in the fence. Or perhaps they were in the right place at the right time.


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