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The 28 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever

It’s pretty well known that a photograph has the ability to speak a thousand words. For as long as it’s existed, humans have been using photography to tell stories, capture memories, and contribute to history. People have captured tons of iconic moments such as

  • V-J day in Times Square,
  • Einstein’s Birthday,
  • Abbey Road.

If a photo is captured well and at the right moment, it can convey so many stories and shine a light on what was happening at the time. Sometimes, photos are captured by accident and happen to capture something at the right moment.

Here is a list of 28 photos that were timed perfectly resulting in some funny, beautiful, and interesting photos.

1. Gymnastics: I’m guessing that this pose probably looks better from a different angle. From this view it really looks like this is a headless gymnast.

2. Watching You: At first glance this kind of looks like a creepy eye with a bubble on the pupil. But if you look a little closer you’ll notice that this is actually water draining down the sink.

3. Toy Cars: The way this photo is angled and planned makes it look like the cars are a lot smaller than they actually are.

4. Hanging: That must be one strong crane! I wonder how much planning had to go into this one to get the perfect angle and timing to make it look like the moon was suspended.

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