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Controversial Photo Of Police Snapped By Woman In Cemetery Sparks Internal Investigation

A picture can tell a thousand words, but at the same time, you can’t always be too quick to judge a photo, especially if it’s unposed and you don’t know the context of it. A controversial photo snapped by a woman has gone viral which appears to show two police officers in their car near a graveyard. The photos she snapped have now lead to a full-on internal investigation.


The photo shows two Indiana police officers that appear to be sleeping in their cruiser, or to others, it appears they are sleeping on the job. The cruiser had been parked to the side of a cemetery road when they were discovered by Sarah E. Lawrence. She captioned the photos ‘Check out what we found this morning.’ Although she doesn’t specifically indicate her opinion on the matter, it does kind of sound like she’s surprised or disappointed by what she has discovered.

However, the reaction to the police cruiser has been mixed, with some people annoyed that these policemen seemed to be sleeping on the job. Others came to their defence, explaining that they were probably just taking a break.

It’s hard to say for sure at this point, but people have also pointed fingers at doctors and nurses who sleep on the job when no one knows how long they’ve been there, what they were working on, and when they last slept. Jobs like being a police officer or a doctor are never 9-5 and are never routinely.

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Richmond Police Chief Jim Branum explained that RDM will be launching an internal investigation, according to Palladium-Item. He had learned of the situation just 30 minutes after it has was reported.

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‘Obviously, it’s not OK,’ Branum said. ‘It’s certainly something that’s not encouraged. We’re aware of it and we’re going to launch an internal investigation and in all likelihood, there’ll be some discipline.’ Braun said.

Sarah, who posted the picture, did not mention whether or not she had made any attempt to wake the officers, but she did say that she noticed the car idling for more than two hours before she took the photos. Although she refused to make further comment when contacted on Facebook, she did confirm that both officers were sleeping in the running car at the time the photos were taken. According to Branum, there is a police department policy specifically directing officers to not sleep on the job. 

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