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Photobomber Goes Viral By ‘Swallowing’ His Own Arm At Music Festival—We Have Questions.

photobomb main Twitter: @ljmanson

For many people, photobombing is a hobby of sorts. What’s more rewarding than being super annoying and spoiling your friend’s perfectly manufactured candid moment? The answer is literally nothing.

Even if you’re an angel and have never intentionally ruined any of your friends’ photos, we regret to inform you that you’ve probably ruined a stranger’s photo by accident. It’s more than likely given the sheer amount of people using photo-sharing apps like Snapchat and Instagram.

If a photobomber has ever ruined your day, just remember that a beluga whale once photobombed a wedding and George W. Bush once photobombed a live sports broadcast. We’re not sure how that makes you feel but at least you’re not sad anymore.

Enter: Luke Manson, who will henceforth be known as The Photobomb Master, or TPM for short. This hero was standing behind a couple trying to take a photo together at a festival in the UK. Here he is in the right-hand corner, ready for action.

I mean, he could be doing anything. What if he’s brushing back his hair? What if he’s completely innocent? All of these thoughts will undoubtedly run through your head. Then you’ll see this.

I mean, photobombing is great and we’re huge proponents of it, but this is weird. What possesses someone to photobomb a photo in this manner? Was it spontaneous or thought-out?

As it turns out, this was not The Photobomb Master’s first rodeo. You don’t become a Master without practice which apparently applies to everything. Here he is, at the same festival.

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