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16 Photos That Are For People Who Have An Immature Mind


No matter where you are or what you’re doing in life, it’s always good to enjoy a laugh. Remember the good old days when nearly anything was funny? All you or a friend had to do was say something dumb like “butts” and it would be the most hilarious thing in the world. Ah, yes, the days of immature humor when gags would usually involve:

  • Potty Jokes
  • Bad Puns
  • More Potty Jokes

Whether these subjects cause you to roll your eyes or not, we’re willing to bet that there was definitely a time you found jokes like this funny.

We’ve compiled a list of 16 things you will find absolutely hilarious if you still have the humor of a 14-year-old, or if you still are a 14-year-old. 

1. This suggestive math problem. Someone’s getting lucky tonight. Chances are the term “bae” hadn’t been coined when this math problem was written.

2. And this suggestive car dashboard. This is on par with typing 8008135 into a calculator and chuckling for hours. Remember that?

3. This secret message left within a display of stockings. Seriously Katie? We’re just trying to do some Christmas shopping.

4. Check out this insanely suggestive pair of…shadows. We’re wondering who hung these light fixtures and if they knew what they were doing.

5. Are you surprised you never noticed this before? Because we are. This is the epitome of 14-year-old humor and we love it.

6. This kind of dumb, kind of cute humor is just what the world needs sometimes. You see, it’s funny because it’s not a cat OR a strawberry. Get it? It’s funny because it’s just sheer nonsense.

 7. This unfortunate sign mishap had a hilarious result. No one tell them. Spending one hour in a restroom would not be a fun experience though.

8. Whoever named this Pokemon is seriously immature but what can we say, the results are hilarious. Maybe it’s full name is Richard?

9. This poll that seems to have called to a certain crowd. We’re tipping our hats to Chipotle for coming up with this hilariously immature poll to reach out to their customers.

10. Wow, you don’t say? This is so insane… The Rock… looks like, The Rock? Whatever website generated this clearly hasn’t done its research.

 11. This chap on Twitter who definitely thinks he’s super clever. This is one of those face-palm Dad type of jokes.

12. The look on this reporter’s face says it all. We can’t tell if she’s annoyed about the content she’s covering, or if she’s seriously trying to hold in a laugh. Perhaps a bit of both.

We’re not too sure what’s going on here, perhaps it’s a poor choice of slang word? Either way it looks like this house is selling rear ends? 

If you’re ever seen the letter B and J next to each other on a license plate you’ve definitely secretly laughed to yourself. Well, this your van takes it a step tour. We aren’t sure what the B and the J represent in this case but if you have a dirty mind we probably know what you’re thinking. 

 This is actually kind of ironic as this could easily be atop a sewer. Yuck. 

16. This poorly evaluated sign has become a pun of itself and it offers some pretty lousy advice… if you catch our drift. 


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