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20 Photos Of Things That Look Inappropriate


Whether you have a dirty mind or not, there’s no denying that we are often surrounded by things that are wildly suggestive, even if it’s completely unintentional. Our minds can quickly veer towards the inappropriate just from innocuous things like:

  • Children’s toys,
  • Questionable building designs,
  • Food presentation,
  • Nature.

Sometimes all it takes is a minor resemblance to something bawdy to send our minds plunging into the gutter. Intentional or unintentional, innocent things can easily channel our childlike immaturity and make us do a double take.

Here are 20 pictures of things that look completely inappropriate.

1. A Wayne by Wayne Cooper maxi dress garnered a lot of attention online and not for the reason the designer probably had hoped. The dress boasts what looks like a trio of stacked female genitalia, which will certainly turn heads.

2. A neck pillow is a must-have for many frequent flyers, but when opting for the color beige, how you lug it through the airport could result in an instant unintentional bum.

3. Air freshener packaging usually advertises what you can expect to smell from the scented spray. This air freshener, however, promotes something a little more lurid.

4. There are many candies that blend multiple flavors, but the Maoam Stripes packaging seems to imply this flavor medley was achieved through a truly fruity affair.

5. While it’s nice that toy manufacturers are steering away from guns, even one finger shooting out water seems like a bit of a stretch. There’s no way the person who designed this toy didn’t know what they were doing.

inap5Kevin Revie

6. If you’re looking to give off the impression that you only ride hard, a flesh colored bicycle seat could be the solution you never thought of.


7. If at first glance you saw this for the aggressive wine holder that it is, bless your innocent soul.

8. This massage place probably got a lot of customers expecting something a little more intimate based off of their misleading neck rub promo image.

inap8Kevin Revie

9. This elf is genuinely happy to see everyone, greeting all with a friendly, super widely extended thumb wave.

inap9Kevin Revie

10. Every parent shows their love in their own ways and this bald father does so with a light kiss on the cheek. 


11. What better way to celebrate the birth of a child than with a pirate-themed slide that recreates the visuals of birth itself. Some solid entertainment for the kids and the parents.


12. Not sure who to feel more sorry for here, the girl who looks casually naked at a formal event or the woman whose arm was mistaken for an entire body belonging to someone else.


13. Aren’t baseball metaphors already plagued with enough innuendos? The person behind this hand sanitizer sign knew exactly what they were doing.


14. This dentist sign seems to insinuate that your mouth isn’t the only thing you’ll be opening up. The person behind this sign certainly knew how to get by-passers to do a second look at these neckless people.


15. This statue of two relay racers passing a baton takes on a much different kind of activity depending on the angle you view it from.


16. Children everywhere probably thought there was something incredibly exciting coming due to their parent’s gasp when turning the page.


17. Clearly, Minnie Mouse knows how to dress to get some attention. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with Disney illustrators.


18. While the point of advertising is to get people to look, the font choice here might not attract the type of customer they were hoping for.


19. There’s no way this wasn’t intentional, unless office workers singing into rulers is a common way to cool off some steam. When your office supply store is called Bee-j’s, it’s best to just not have any products near mouths.


20. Some toys require you to use less imagination than others. Who really is the “Fairytale Riding Couple” in this package?



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