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28 Photos So Painfully Awkward You Can Actually Feel It

We’ve all experienced those moments in life that are so painfully awkward that we’d rather shrink to the size of a peanut and disappear forever. If you’re an awkward person, you can probably relate to that better than most people.

Awkward moments suck. Whether you’re experiencing the awkward moment yourself or just witnessing it, it’s always a difficult task to have to endure a painfully awkward moment…especially if you have no way of escaping it.

Well, in case your own life isn’t awkward enough, here are 28 photos that are so painfully awkward that you can actually feel it.

1. That’s definitely an interesting place to get a tattoo. I really wish I could find out her reasoning behind getting a tattoo in such an awkward place. At least she looks happy about it!

2. The people in this photo who are wearing these awkward and creepy alien costumes are really freaking me out.

3. Imagine being one of the people who had to sit with this guy while eating dinner. What in the world was this guy thinking?! Context, anyone?

4. A part of me is thinking that this picture just has to be the product of Photoshop, while another part of me is wondering how awkward the bride must have felt.

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