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28 Photos That Are A Must See For Everyone


One of the most interesting things about history is getting to see the way things have changed over time. Many years ago, before the age of photography, history was shared through illustration, text and word-of-mouth. But there’s something special about a moment captured on camera. So many interesting things have happened throughout history and some of them happened to be photographed. Whether it was:

  • Famous people,
  • Monumental events,
  • Behind the scenes.

All of these images tell a story and provide a glimpse as to what life was like back in the day. Some of these images are powerful and monumental, and others are nostalgic and heartwarming.

We’ve compiled a list of 28 photos that are a definite must-see. From behind-the-scenes images of classic films, to war-torn countries, this list provides a look at some of the most epic things that have happened in history.

1. Here is one of the last known photos of Anne Frank and her friends.

2. In this adorable shot, traffic halts in New York city as a cat crosses the street in 1825. 

3. A cool shot of the Eiffel tower when it was still under construction.

4. Here is a shot of what Halloween looked like in the 1960’s. Even though the masks are simple, there’s something very eerie about the expressionless faces.


5. This chummy photo of two legends who are barely recognizable at this age. This is Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

6. This is one of the last known photographs of Hitler before he entered the bunker in which he took his life.

7. This is a photo of the first McDonald’s location to open in Moscow, Russia. On January 31, 1990 over 5 thousand people showed up to the grand opening. The concept of opening the Mcdonald’s had been in discussion with the Soviet Union for twenty years, so naturally, a lot of people wanted to be there on opening day.

8. This soldier helping a child with some barbed wire during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

9. This man takes a dangerous nap on the construction site of a skyscraper in New York City. This is long  before the days of parkour and modern building-climbing. But this picture proves that living life on the edge has always been a thing.

10. This photo is of the last prisoners of Alcatraz leaving the island as the prison shut its gates for good. On March 21, 1963, guard Jim Albright escorted the last inmates left in the notorious San Francisco prison. He recalled that once the final trip was over, he would be without a job and without a home.

11. This is one of the photos from the only known snowfall in the Sahara desert. A snow storm blew through it and lasted for about 30 minutes on February 18, 1979.

12. This is a great shot of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, dropping the puck during a match between the Vancouver Canucks and the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1984.

13. And here is the secret as to how Michael Jackson did his gravity-defying lean in “Smooth Criminal.” Many people assumed that he used wires in order to pull off the choreography, but it turns out that the secret was a special pair of shoes with an extending slot in the heel.

14. The largest feline known was a cross between a lion and a tiger.

15. These soldiers helping their buddy get one last kiss before departing in 1950. This moment is one of many adorable train kisses captured on film.

16. That’s not water rushing out the windows, it’s actually illegal alcohol being dumped into the streets of Detroit during Prohibition in 1929.

17. This awesome photo of Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan dancing in the music video “Jam.” The two face each other in a game of basketball before Jordan asks Michael to show him how to dance.

18. In this photo, you can see that women have been subjected to strict wardrobe standards for a long time. In this photo from 1920, a police man is seen measuring a woman’s bathing suit skirt to make sure it meets the proper length requirements of the time. Women who broke the rules were either asked to cover up, sent home, and sometimes arrested.

19. Do you recognize this guy? Maybe adding a fake mustache, makeup, and a top hat would help. This is Charlie Chaplin out of costume. It’s surprising how much the makeup changes his appearance.

20. You probably didn’t know that Princess Diana and Mother Teresa had a connection. The two most influential women of their time met and shared many connections, including their deaths. They passed away six days apart from each other in 1997.

21. This ballet class was still holding lessons despite being located in a destroyed village in Russia during WWII. The amount of dedication from these students is impressive. You can see the old door frame in the background. It makes you wonder what the building looked like before it was destroyed.

22. Here is a hilarious photo of Bill Gates posing like a model in 1983.

23. Do you recognize this legend? This is a photo of Jimi Hendrix with his first electric guitar in 1957. I wonder if he knew how successful he would grow up to be.

24. If you were ever curious about how the opening credits to Star Wars were made, this photo will really open your eyes.

25. Pigeons were used for a number of reasons back in the day including delivering messages and small parcels. What you may not have known is that pigeons were also used in place of drones and Google Earth. Cameras would be strapped to the bird’s chests as they flew from place to place. The photos would be developed and put on postcards and such.

26. When you were younger you may have assumed that Yoda was played by someone wearing a mask. In reality, Yoda was a puppet that had to be operated by up to three people.

27. A snap of Bruce Lee doing the classic two finger push-up.

28. Don’t worry, this isn’t Steven Spielberg getting eaten by a shark. He’s just hanging out on the set of Jaws inside the mouth of the mechanical shark that plays the fearsome creature in his movie.


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