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28 Photos That Are A Must See For Everyone


One of the most interesting things about history is getting to see the way things have changed over time. Many years ago, before the age of photography, history was shared through illustration, text and word-of-mouth. But there’s something special about a moment captured on camera. So many interesting things have happened throughout history and some of them happened to be photographed. Whether it was:

  • Famous people,
  • Monumental events,
  • Behind the scenes.

All of these images tell a story and provide a glimpse as to what life was like back in the day. Some of these images are powerful and monumental, and others are nostalgic and heartwarming.

We’ve compiled a list of 28 photos that are a definite must-see. From behind-the-scenes images of classic films, to war-torn countries, this list provides a look at some of the most epic things that have happened in history.

1. Here is one of the last known photos of Anne Frank and her friends.

2. In this adorable shot, traffic halts in New York city as a cat crosses the street in 1825. 

3. A cool shot of the Eiffel tower when it was still under construction.

4. Here is a shot of what Halloween looked like in the 1960’s. Even though the masks are simple, there’s something very eerie about the expressionless faces.

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