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12 Photos That Are So Incredible They Will Make You Do A Double Take


There are tons of photographers out there who capture neat things whether it’s people, animals, or nature. But sometimes a photo can be so incredible that it’s actually an optical illusion.

Whether that be a rock that looks like an island or a rock that looks like it has an island inside of it, there are some pretty bizarre things out there.

Luckily people have managed to capture some of these things on camera because if they hadn’t you probably wouldn’t believe that they happened at all.

Here are 12 photos that are so incredible they will make you do a double take.

1. This opal looks like it has a sunset and clouds within it! Isn’t that neat? This wasn’t man made either it’s a completely natural stone.

2. You may not believe me, but this is not a caterpillar. Seriously! Look again. It’s actually a row of adorable blue and yellow birds.

3. This one is pretty bizarre. Looks like a cityscape right? Well it’s actually a strange view of a cemetery in Tokyo, Japan.

4. This moss covered rock totally looks like a grassy island surrounded by calm waters. Would you go here for vacation? Turns out you can put this entire island in your pocket. 

5. The sunset reflecting on this window kind of makes it look like this house is on fire. How many people do you think passed by this view and actually thought this house was burning down?

6. This lobster in a bucket kind of looks like a giant alien creature on a metallic planet. The water speckles look like the stars in space.

7. How many animals do you see here? Is your head starting to hurt? That’s because this anteaters leg totally looks like the head of a panda. I wonder if that’s a defense mechanism.

8. Doesn’t this car door look like it’s a spaceship beaming over a forest? The handle of the car is the ship and the dark shadows is the forest.

9. The ice on this car hood kind of looks like the earth’s surface from outer space. It’s weird how many things look like planets when they’re angled correctly.

10. Whatever the heck this thing is, I would stay far away from it. What happened here? It looks like the place where dark souls come to get pulled into the underworld. That or something really freaky happened here a long time ago.

11. Planets? Nope. These are just the bottoms of old pots and pans. If you like these you should check out the rest of Christopher Jonassen’s Devour series. .

12. Starry night or blue skies? This person took a photo of a puddle and the gravel makes the sky look like it’s speckled in stars when in reality it’s broad day light!


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