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16 Photos That Are Uncomfortable


Have you ever noticed something out of place and then suddenly became obsessed with it? Whether it was a brick out of line or an incomplete pattern, there’s definitely been something that’s made you grind your teeth for no apparent reason. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most uncomfortable things ranging from

  • Disturbed Symmetry,
  • Weird Patterns,
  • Awkward Toilets.

Usually these tiny details go unnoticed but once you see one, it suddenly becomes the most prominent thing.

From shoddy architecture to everyday annoyances, we’re pretty sure some of these things are going to make you so uncomfortable, that you’ll be tempted to look away. 

1. This plate of ham isn’t out of focus, it’s just thinly sliced. You can tell by focusing your eyes on the sharp plate and the table, and then looking at the side of the meat to see the several layers. The trick this does to our eyes is aggravating, and it really looks like the ham is blurry.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 3.33.44 PMreddit

2. Upon first glance, it looks like this bathroom sink is disgustingly dirty, covered in blotches of mud. But take a closer look and you’ll notice that it’s actually the design. This is definitely not the best choice for a bathroom.

3. Look at this and tell me it doesn’t make you uncomfortable. If I saw this I’d probably grab a hammer and nail and fix it myself. It just looks off.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 3.34.40 PMreddit

4. This toilet seat that’s too small for the bowl. To some people, this might be considered first world problems. But honestly, how is a person supposed to use the toilet comfortably when the seat doesn’t fit? Think about it.

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