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16 Photos That Were Taken At The Perfect Moment

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Posing for photos is great, but the most entertaining pictures are the candid ones. You know, the ones where you don’t time anything and don’t ask anyone to pose and then you look back at some hilarious, natural moments?

These aren’t the photos you necessarily want to hang in your living room for everyone to see. But they are definitely the photos you want to keep around so that you can look back and just have a good laugh.

Still not sure about the kind of photos we’re talking about here? No problem, here are some examples to give you an idea. Here are 16 photos that were taken at the perfect moment. You’ll be entertained.

1. People opening up a bottle and having it sprayed all over them is kind of funny. But capturing the exact moment when it happens makes it look really cool, or gross.

2. It’s not what you think it is. This girl decided to be brave enough and take on the cinnamon challenge. Clearly, it didn’t work out well…

3. This obviously isn’t the most flattering position to be in when you’re having your photo taken but admit it, it’s pretty funny

4. Slipping on ice is never fun, especially if you’re a toddler, but getting a photo of mid-fall makes for a pretty cool looking photo.

5. Apparently, this person was able to capture the split second before her eyeballs moved to the same place, either that or she just has a secret talent. Either way, it made for a pretty interesting photo.

6. That split second when you’re eating your ice cream and a seagull flies by and savagely takes a piece of your delicious dessert. Definitely made for an artsy photo.

7. We now totally get how much dogs love meat after seeing this photo. The natural look on his face is proof that they have an obsession.

8. This girl was going to take a selfie with a baby bird she rescued, but it freaked out as soon as she switched to the front camera.

9. This guy had a wide selfie feature similar to a panorama. He captured the exact moment when she sneezed. Because you need to sit still for this kind of photo, this happened…

10. Not exactly sure what is coming out of this baby’s mouth, it’s either milk or food but regardless it made for a pretty gross-looking photo.

10. This person was lucky enough to capture the exact moment when a seal swims into the glass. Looking at it, it looks like it really hurts a lot.

12. Mid-jump photos are either a hit or a miss. But when you capture a photo at the perfect moment, you get something cool like this. He looks like he’s sitting on top of the water!

13. Apparently, the people in this photo thought they were just taking an adorable photo with their kitten. After the photo was taken they noticed that the little guy was in mid-poop.

14. You know this photo was captured at the perfect moment just by looking at the facial expression of the guy on the left. Clearly, he couldn’t keep up with his “cool” friend on the right.

15. The exact moment a fish leaps out of your hands. If you look closely it looks like he is just holding it with two fingers.

16. This person caught the perfect family moment where it looks like this little baby is writing profanity with chalk. It might have killed a nice family moment, but it’s funny.

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