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16 Photos That Will Give You Nightmares If You Used To Have Braces

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Anyone who has ever worn braces will tell you that it was one of the most haunting experiences of their life. Phantom braces are real, guys. Even after you’ve taken them off sometimes you wake up and think they’re still there and you reach inside your mouth in horror before realizing that you’re ok and they’re no longer fastened to your gums and terrorizing your life.

That is what we like to call Post Traumatic Braces Disorder. In short, braces suck and you feel like the experience will never end when you have them. But the sun always shines after it rains, and one day you will get them off and the sight of your newly straightened and perfect set of chompers will set you free/make the struggle all worth it.

Until then, we trudge on with our metal mouth traps. You know what will make you feel better? Agonizing and complaining about how annoying braces are, and so we’ve compiled this list of the worst things about braces just for you. Let’s complain together, friends.

1. The God awful goop. What is that stuff even made of? If you’ve had/have braces you’ll certainly remember choking on it as the orthodontist shoved it in your unsuspecting mouth.

2. Sitting there as the dentist does some seriously weird things to your face. You wonder if it’s necessary or if they’re just using you as a test subject for their science experiment.

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3. Those annoying as hell Spaghetti-Os that just made your life worse. As if it wasn’t already bad enough that you have a metal fence in your mouth, now you have to purposely tangle stuff in it.

4. Having to look like a perv in photos for years because you had to choose between your mouth setting off satellite signals or trying to close your lips over your teeth.

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