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8 Photos That Will Make You Rethink Getting Pregnant, Then 8 That Will Give You Baby Fever


They say that having children is a blessing, but if you talk to practically any pregnant woman you might hear a different story. Having children might be fun, but the process of growing them doesn’t really look like it’s the best time.

And just in case you don’t believe me, this article will drive the point home better than anything I could ever say. A picture of a cute baby, then a picture of ‘horrible’ pregnancy system and the list goes on and on and on.

Here are 8 photos that will make you question pregnancy and then another 8 that’ll bring you right back to Baby Fever City.

1. This photo displays the utter terror of having pregnancy cankles. Honestly? Walking must be super uncomfortable… I can totally understand why most pregnant women just stop walking completely by the end of their pregnancy.

2. But on the flip side, look at this cute little baby toes!! So cute, so soft, so small!

3. Imagine opening up your front facing camera and getting this surprise? Double chin who???? Baby chin is more like it.

4. To make up for that though just imagine all the cute photos and selfies you can take with your totally adorable baby! He is rocking those shades, man.

5. Labor pains are probably the absolute worst part of having a child… This photo just makes me want to say ‘Don’t touch me,’ and I’m not even the one giving birth.

6. But just think of how adorable your baby will be once they’re born and squeezing your finger like the adorable little curious bean they’re bound to be!

7. Morning sickness does not sound like a good time. No one wants to lose their delicious breakfast (or dinner) by blowing chunks everywhere and anywhere without a semblance of warning…

8. Might be worth it though to get a cute little rolly-polly chunky baby like this one! Lookit those rolls. Remember: a chubby baby is a healthy baby!

9. This husband is totally cruel for making such a big smile while his wife or sister or whoever is totally suffering the pain of childbirth!

10. But! Here’s a really sweet dad nuzzling his newborn baby! Men/non-pregnant people might be all jokes during the delivery, but they’ll love the baby all the same when they enter the world.

11.  Bleeding gums is apparently a symptom of pregnancy….. Which does not look fun at all might I add.

12. So, here’s a beautiful little baby with their gummy smile to make that dental problem worth it in the end! Lookit their bright eyes!

13. And sure, you might get some pregnancy acne for nine months while growing your precious little bean inside of you

14. But you get to make up for all of that with immediate skin-to-skin contact between you and little bean!

15. And lastly, having heightened smell during pregnancy might make the world a dirty, rotten place for nine months and that is a horrible thing to go through…

16. Buuuut then your child enters the world and you’ll be completely mesmerized by how soft and clean they smell… As Lorelai Gilmore says, there’s nothing better than the clean scent of a new born baby!


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