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8 Photos That Will Make You Rethink Getting Pregnant, Then 8 That Will Give You Baby Fever


They say that having children is a blessing, but if you talk to practically any pregnant woman you might hear a different story. Having children might be fun, but the process of growing them doesn’t really look like it’s the best time.

And just in case you don’t believe me, this article will drive the point home better than anything I could ever say. A picture of a cute baby, then a picture of ‘horrible’ pregnancy system and the list goes on and on and on.

Here are 8 photos that will make you question pregnancy and then another 8 that’ll bring you right back to Baby Fever City.

1. This photo displays the utter terror of having pregnancy cankles. Honestly? Walking must be super uncomfortable… I can totally understand why most pregnant women just stop walking completely by the end of their pregnancy.

2. But on the flip side, look at this cute little baby toes!! So cute, so soft, so small!

3. Imagine opening up your front facing camera and getting this surprise? Double chin who???? Baby chin is more like it.

4. To make up for that though just imagine all the cute photos and selfies you can take with your totally adorable baby! He is rocking those shades, man.

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