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16 Photos That Will Make You More Upset Than They Probably Should

It’s the little things that matter in our lives, right? Well what happens when those little things go horribly wrong? They probably make us really upset, even if it’s for no good reason at all. Some little things that can annoy us more than they should include:

  • Sloppy and uneven door frames
  • Horrible tile designs
  • Incorrectly placed doorknobs

Even though we’re often told in life not to sweat the small stuff, it’s usually the small things that can ruin our days and annoy us past the point of no return. These kinds of things can just really grind our gears. If small things annoy you, this article may make you upset.

Here are 16 photos that will make you more upset than they probably should. 

1. Really, who designed this? The inconvenient placement of this dishwasher would make me resort to the sink. And who uses sinks to wash their dishes these days?! This is a travesty.

2. Walking down this hallway would really make me cringe. I mean, how is it even possible to mess that up, shouldn’t all the lights be in the middle?

3. What a cool tile design! Oh wait, never mind.

4. Who can guess which locker has not been used…ever?

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