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16 Photos That Won’t Make Sense No Matter How Long You Look At Them


We’ve all come across photos that we just couldn’t make sense of. Whether that’s photos that we’ve taken and can’t remember what exactly is going on, or it could be a photo of ourselves and we still don’t know what’s going on.

Then there are pictures that go around on the internet and they make no sense, no matter how hard you try to make sense of it. You can look at it for a few minutes but still, nothing comes up.

Here are 16 examples of the photos that we’ve just described. If you think you can make sense of them, then that’s honestly impressive. Generally, almost all of these photos will have you thinking “what on earth is going on here?”

1. Are you not sure what went on here? Us either. We’re assuming these people wanted to try something different from holding hands.

2. We’re pretty sure this was a Snapchat filter that was used on this baby but we aren’t sure is why they did this. It’s creepy.

3. Don’t know about you, but we’ve stared at this photo for about 10 minutes and still couldn’t figure out what is going on there.

4. This photo is pretty cool, but it’s hard to really grasp what is going on there. Looks like this guy is about to drop.

5. Girls totally understand the struggle of having to shave your legs on a regular basis, especially on lazy days. But this? No clue what happened here…

6. At first glance, this looks like a unique foot. After looking at it for more than a split second, it looks more like a hand. Then looking at it longer it looks like a cross between the two.

7. I worry about the person who took the time and effort to do this. It probably feels gross to touch anything with those nails. Or, imagine being the person on the receiving end of a scratch from one of those fingers. Yuck. 


8. Your first instinct might be to try to understand the intentions behind this man’s actions. Maybe he found a life hack for a coke we don’t know about? Okay, we have no clue what is going on here, or why this happened or whose idea it was.

9. Not exactly sure how this guy could have completely forgotten that he was wearing a heavy helmet on his head but his drink spilling all over him was a good reminder.

10. We don’t understand this photo at all. Is it two straws? Is it one long straw? Did he just need her assistance to hold up the straw for him? Who knows. Maybe it’s supposed to be romantic. 

11. This took eating an orange to a whole other level. It totally makes sense to try something new with your fruit if you’re bored. Actually, we have no idea what this person was thinking.

12. It’s hard to really understand what is going on in this photo. Either the cat is possessed by something or it turned into Spider-Man.

13. This photo is more of a puzzle than just a simple picture of two people. This guy’s head looks like it’s detached from the rest of his body. Or maybe he’s just shorter than the girl.

14. The people who created this Hello Kitty doll made a serious mistake in their measurements in making this doll. Have these people ever seen Hello Kitty? Did they confuse her with a muppet? 

15. First of all, why are there Minions lined up on the couch? Second, why is there a chicken in the house? Third of all, why is the chicken lecturing the Minions? 

16. Someone should really let the cat know that her kittens have been replaced with a group of rats. It’s actually a cute photo but it makes absolutely no sense.


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