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10 Photos That Will Test Your IQ


The brain is the most important muscle of the body and it is important to give it a workout the same way you exercise your body by going for a run or hitting the gym. There are several ways to keep the brain sharp such as

  • Reading,
  • Listening to lectures or podcasts,
  • Puzzles.

One of the quickest ways to give the brain a quick workout is to try and solve an IQ riddle. Riddles can be fun as well as perplexing and sometimes they are as simple as a single image.

Here are ten photos that will be sure to test your IQ. Some of them are easier than others, so see if you can get all of them right! The first picture will be the riddle and the second one will have the answer, so don’t scroll too quickly!

1. Dog Search: This one appears to be a simple word search, but as you can see it’s only made up of the letters D, G, and O. The task is to see if you can find the word ‘Dog.’ Do you see it?  

Can you find it? Because of the repetition of letters, it actually makes it quite a bit more difficult to find the word than you might think. If you missed it, here it is circled.

2. Odd One Out: For this one, you have to figure out which of these icons is not like the others. Do you think you know which one it is?

The Answer: It’s a little bit odd, so you might have gotten this one wrong. You may have thought that it was D since there was no snowflake, or even E because it’s a square. But the answer is actually B. This is because it has a quality taken from all the others.

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