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16 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand

Have you ever looked at a photo that made you take a second glance at it? Some pictures make us stop in our tracks and question everything in our existence. These types of photos are typically just optical illusions taken at the right place and the right time. These circumstances make the photo take a completely different context.

Sometimes it’s hard to actually spot the optical illusion, but once you do it’s impossible to unsee it.

Here are 16 photos you really need to look at to understand.

1. This picture looks like a pretty cool-looking caterpillar, right? That’s wrong! If you zoom in, you can see that it’s just a row of colorful birds sitting on a branch.

2. This photo gives the illusion that this dog owner has a dog head, but in reality his head is just hidden behind his dog.

3. This photo gives the illusion that the boat is magically floating above the water, but it’s just an optical illusion! Because the water is perfectly crystal clear we can see the boat’s shadow at the bottom of the ocean, giving us the illusion that it’s floating.

4. Is it just me, or does this soccer player have an unusually long arm? That’s not even humanly possible! Well, if you take a closer look it’s pretty clear that the other player beside him is also extending out his arm, giving the illusion of an ultra-long arm.

5. At first glance it looks like this lady has no legs, but upon closer inspection you can see she is wearing leopard tights that match the floor design.

6. In this photo it looks like the girl’s arm is particularly hairy, when in all reality it’s just the leg of a man sitting right beside her who is not pictured in the photo.

7. This photo took me a few moments to figure out. It looks as if the guy has a tiny body, but it’s just the angle of his girlfriend hugging him.

8. This bridesmaids all look a lot shorter than the bride, but upon closer inspection you can see that they’re just sitting on the knees of the fellow groomsmen.

9. It looks like this man has a stump for an arm with a bandage over it. It’s actually just the arm and shoulder of the girl he is hugging.

10. Although it looks like this is a photo of a nice convertible beside a van, if you look closely at the van, you can see that the convertible is cleverly painted onto it.

11. At first it looks like we’re staring down this girl’s crotch, but don’t panic! It’s actually just her cleavage.

12. Does David Beckham have an unusually tiny arm? No he doesn’t, it’s  just the arm of the man standing behind him.

13. Does this girl have 3 legs?! It would seem like she does, until you look at the “leg” on the left and realize that it’s actually just a vase!

14. At first it seems like this person is standing near a body of water, but if you rotate the photo, you can tell that he’s just lying against the trunk of an uprooted tree.

15.  This kid’s arm may look a little deformed, but it’s just the arm of another person who is lying under the table.

16. At the bottom of this picture, it totally looks like the girl’s legs are spread wide apart, but those aren’t her legs! They’re the legs of the two girls who are sitting beside her.


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