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16 Photoshop Fails That Will Probably Make You Feel Sorry


Every now and again, a photograph might be edited or touched up in order to make it appear in better quality, a different color, or sharper. And then there are also those times in which celebrities might make a few alterations that seem subtle to them but are picked up on right away by the masses.

Whether it be altering the floor or background of a photo, there are several ways the photo can be squeezed around in order to alter the shape of the model’s body. Then there are more extreme processes as well such as air brushing or face smoothing. Some celebs have so many filters applied over their faces in their social media images that they don’t even look real.

It can be pretty embarrassing getting caught for an altered photo, it’s surprising that people still even bother.

However, there are a few rare exceptions where someone definitely made a mistake and didn’t take a second look. Regardless, they’re all hilarious. Check out these 16 photoshop fails that will most likely make you sorry.

1. Victoria Beckham: What happened here? Looks like her face got pretty squished up in this process. Not sure what the intent of this was.

2. Missing Leg: Well, something does not quite add up. I guess double page spreads might be a bit tricky to plan out but seriously, they had one job.

3. Twin: Oh dear, who is that? Can you spot it? This magazine sure did. Whoever is responsible for that caption on this silly photoshop fail is pretty clever.

4. Mariah Scary: Okay something about this isn’t quite right. Look how sharp and detailed everything else in this picture is compared to the strange blur that is Mariah’s face. What’s going on with that?

5. Belly Button? Does this girl even have a bellybutton? Another one of those double page mishaps. This is why proofreading and editors are so important even when it comes to advertisements.

6. Oprah: Looks like someone decided that Oprah could use an extra hand. Seriously though, how could this have gone overlooked? She literally has a hand sprouting out of her chest.

7. Mirror, Mirror on the wall: This one probably appears pretty normal at first, but upon a closer look you might realize that something or somebody is missing.  Can you figure out what it is?

8. Lindsay Lohan: There are a lot of screwy things going on in the picture of Lindsay. Not sure what pose this one is, but as you can see there are some weird things going on with the door behind her.

9. Madonna: Too bad you can’t make out the date on this guy. This is pretty bad. In what universe does anyone have eyes that large unless it’s a cartoon character? Especially in comparison to the rest of her features.

10. Smooth Criminal: Another case of the smooth face! This must be some kind of app that these celebs are using to soften the features on their faces because this can’t be natural.

11. Half Pack: This one looks pretty average until you look down and take in the fact that half of this dude’s stomach is missing. Someone forgot to make that minor adjustment!

12. Broken Arm: Something is not quite right here. It almost works, but then you take in Avril’s arms and it’s not so normal anymore.

13. Adjustments: It’s sad but it’s not surprising that stuff like this is happening still. You’d think that after all the media had put Britney through that they would stop altering her body like this.

14. Stairway to Heaven: Even Beyonce has a few slips! Though it is hard to say whether Beyonce made this edit or someone else did, there’s something fishy with the steps.

15. Stinky Armpit: There is definitely something going on in that girl’s armpit. But I can’t quite put my finger on it. Can you figure it out?

16 Backward Arm: What is up with the arms in this ad? I suppose the photo editor copied one of this model’s arms, flipped it and placed it on the other side for some reason? It does not look right at all though.


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