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Photoshop Troll ‘Fixes’ People’s Photos by Taking Their Requests Literally

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James Fridman is the kind of internet troll you actually want to be friends with.

At first glance, his tweets may seem like a mean Photoshop job, but the truth is people purposely send picture requests to him knowing he’s going to botch their photos!

Sounds like a weird business, but this is actually what twitter user @fjamie013 does for a living. Fridman has a website where you can submit your requests and impatiently wait for the funny results. The website also showcases his best work… and there’s a lot of it. Prepare yourself.

James Fridman specializes in taking things too literally and this request is no exception. I don’t think this is what the poor guy had in mind.

Now James could be saying two things here. Either it’s impossible to make the kid look cool so he was forced to hide his face, or the fan is there to “cool” him down. I’m hoping it’s the second one.

Square is the new round, right?

What’s the best way to avoid standing out? By having your buddies in the photo wear equally embarrassing shorts, of course. Fridman captions the photo with a reassuring “you’re good.”

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