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Photoshop Troll ‘Fixes’ People’s Photos by Taking Their Requests Literally

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James Fridman is the kind of internet troll you actually want to be friends with.

At first glance, his tweets may seem like a mean Photoshop job, but the truth is people purposely send picture requests to him knowing he’s going to botch their photos!

Sounds like a weird business, but this is actually what twitter user @fjamie013 does for a living. Fridman has a website where you can submit your requests and impatiently wait for the funny results. The website also showcases his best work… and there’s a lot of it. Prepare yourself.

James Fridman specializes in taking things too literally and this request is no exception. I don’t think this is what the poor guy had in mind.

Now James could be saying two things here. Either it’s impossible to make the kid look cool so he was forced to hide his face, or the fan is there to “cool” him down. I’m hoping it’s the second one.

Square is the new round, right?

What’s the best way to avoid standing out? By having your buddies in the photo wear equally embarrassing shorts, of course. Fridman captions the photo with a reassuring “you’re good.”

That’s one way to get a guy to stop staring at the back of your head. Nice of Fridman to assume the guy is balding.

Sometimes Fridman does exactly what the customer asks for, and sometimes he does the opposite. After one lady asked him to remove the little boy in the background of her picture because she didn’t like “his face,” Fridman decided otherwise.

Is there better company than the King of Pop creepily appearing on your TV screen? Fridman thinks not.

Sometimes Fridman is just plain savage. That’s one way to remove an obnoxious dabbing friend. Let’s hope he’s OK. 

One of his most popular Photoshop fails, Fridman lends a “helping hand” after one guy asks him to close his girlfriend’s eyes.

In this one, Fridman is asked to save a friendship after one girl’s friend gets upset she isn’t staring at her. I doubt this is what she had in mind.

What better way to make someone look less like a child than to take away their hair and give them an important-looking binder instead? Now he’s a real adult.

Fridman decides to create an obstacle illusion for this picture after one girl asks him to fix her pose.

Who needs to wait for a growth spurt when you have Fridman to shrink down your dad to make you feel better about your height? He’s definitely not his little boy anymore.

Towel: 1, uncomfortable guy in a muscle shirt: 0.

This girl had a problem with her boyfriend’s pose, so Fridman went for a quick fix instead. Now everyone will know his legs are “closed.”

What’s better than a glass half-full? A full glass with a nice coffee bath. That’s one way to wake yourself up in the morning.

After one girl asks Fridman to remove the flamingo and trash can in the background, Fridman thought what better way to do it than to place them directly in front of her.

No one is going to notice your head is bigger than your boyfriend’s anyways, but why not make his gigantic to eliminate the possibility altogether?

Who needs a rich boyfriend when you have a boyfriend named Richard?

One girl asks Fridman to fix her boyfriend’s face after he’s attacked by a ray of sunlight and can’t seem to see. Fridman had a different take on his expression…

Fridman takes the ex-boyfriends side after an angry ex-girlfriend requests to Photoshop him out of her picture. Fridman decided to treat the ex-boyfriend to a good time.

Another favorite, Fridman helps a short girl out by making her friends kneel so they’re all the same height. Why didn’t they just do this from the beginning?!

Sometimes Fridman skips the funny stuff and uses his platform to share a positive message.

When one girl asks this Photoshop master to move her head from one picture to another, he decides to make her a 2-headed monster and place it right on top. Perfect.

When one guy asks to take an already-cool selfie with a goose and make it look like they’re having a fight Fridman decides to call the match instead. Spoiler: it’s not the guy.

You don’t need to go to a hair salon when you have Photoshop to fix your ‘do for you! That’s much better.

Fridman relates to students everywhere after one customer asks the Photoshop guru to put a smile on her sister’s face for her graduation photo. The newspaper headline accurately depicts what would really get students smiling.

Fridman knows how to make a picture-perfect vacation photo… disappear.


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