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11 Phrases Kids Say That Are Code Words For ‘I’m Anxious’


When someone is dealing with anxiety, it can be difficult to spot the symptoms. This is especially true if a child is dealing with it. Statistics show that around 25% of children between the ages of 13 to 18 who suffered from anxiety did not have it treated. Because of this, they suffer from more anxiety as adults. The good news is that there are certain phrases that kids say that show they’re feeling anxious.

The feeling of anxiety is quite similar as it is for adults. Mood changes, fatigue, nervousness or shyness are some similar feelings. But unlike adults, kids may not know how to communicate their anxiety.

Because they are still very young, we have to pay attention to certain phrases kids say when it comes to spotting anxiety. Below are certain phrases that kids say that can indicate they’re feeling anxious.

What Is Wrong With Me: It’s normal to feel doubt in oneself, but not on a constant basis. If you notice that your child is constantly using the expression “what is wrong with me,” you might want to look for other signs of anxiety.


I’m Too Tired: As a child, I remember having a lot of energy. I would constantly be outside doing something active. If you notice that your child is responding with “I’m too tired” when you advise them to go play, it might be because they’re exhausted from anxiety-related issues. Going to school and trying to avoid bullies can be exhausting, especially if you know you’re still going to feel anxious when you get home. Out of the certain phrases that kids say, this might be the most common.


Don’t Make Me Go/Do It: If your child is constantly telling you this phrase when it comes to certain events, they may be feeling anxious about it. School is a perfect example; if your child is pleading with you not to make them go, it might not be because of their classes.


I Am Sorry: Apologizing when it’s necessary is polite. But when you notice your child apologizing too often, something might be off. Overusing the word sorry means you’re constantly feeling insecure and nervous that you’ve done something wrong. This is especially true for children, who are taught at an early age that they get punished for bad behavior.


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