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12 Pictures Of Peeled Fruits That Will Make You Do A Double Take


Fruits are an important part of our diet and usually, people will add them to their cereal, smoothies, or just eat them as is! Some fruits have to be peeled to be eaten, like bananas and oranges, and that’s normal enough. Even a peeled apple is pretty common. 

But have you have you ever stopped to think about what a fruit that you eat with the skin would look like if you peeled it?

For example, what does a peeled coconut look like? Or a cherry? Most people don’t take the time to peel the skins from these fruits, but there are a few people who have been curious enough to give it a try.

Here are 12 fruits that have been peeled that will make you do a double-take.

1. Plum: This plum is definitely an interesting color! Would you recognize it without its signature dark purple skin? I wonder if it would taste any different.

2. Tomato: The red coloring makes this one a little bit more disturbing. Doesn’t it kind of look like peeled flesh? The stripes in the tomato almost look like muscle.

3. Strawberry: Does this one count? This person probably had to cut away the outer part of this strawberry to ‘peel’ it. It looks more like a half-eaten strawberry than anything else.

4. Cherry: The red fruits are the weirdest. Probably because it’s the same color as blood. This cherry without its skin is very unsettling.

5. More Cherries: This bowl of peeled cherries barely looks appetizing. They almost look like oversized stained teeth that have cavities. Ew. 

6. Blueberry: The first time I bit a blueberry in half I was so surprised to see that it was green on the inside.

7. Peach: If you’ve seen the movie James and the Giant Peach, this one probably doesn’t look so weird. It’s a lot shinier than I thought it would be in real life.

8. Grapes: I hope whoever took the time to peel all these grapes was rewarded for their tedious work! To be honest this doesn’t look very appetizing. Kind of reminds me of a bowl of eyeballs or frog eggs.

9. Coconut: This person managed to peel a coconut without breaking it first! The patterns on it are actually kind of interesting. It almost looks like a work of art. 

10. Clementine: Less appealing is this clementine which kind of resembles a bad blister after a sunburn.

11. Watermelon: To help get that image out of your head, here is a peeled watermelon. So smooth, so cool. Kind of looks like a giant piece of candy. I’m really confused as to how they managed to do this. 

12. Avocado: Last but not least, a perfectly peeled avocado. It would be even more impressive if they managed to peel it without cutting it first.


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