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Sixteen Pics That Will Annoy You And Amuse You Simultaneously

#3 metdaan

The photos you’re about to see had us feeling a whole lot of mixed emotions. Some of them made us laugh out loud, for some we had to do a double-take, and some just made us feel annoyed. But regardless, these photos will definitely entertain you.

Whether you’re busy at work or at home with the kids, stop whatever you’re doing and take a few minutes to enjoy these pics. We promise that they are sure to brighten up your day in some way or another.

The following list includes false advertisements, false lists of ingredients, and plain lies. These 16 pictures will annoy you and amuse you all at the same time. You might even be able to relate to a few of these pictures!

1. It’s annoying when you’re on a serious diet and you buy a juice that you think is 100% juice but then you see this.

#1 MetdaanMetdaan

2. We’ve learned from our childhood that TV makes things look way more different than in person. It’s especially annoying when it’s with food.


3. If you have an addiction to Cheetos this is pretty smart and funny. It may not taste the same but at least it’ll help you with your diet, right?


4. This prank isn’t so funny when all you’ve been craving is your cheeseburger for lunch. But we have to admit it’s pretty smart.


5. Clearly, junk food companies are desperate to make their products look healthy. But they should really double check their ingredients.


6. For people who hate walking around the mall, shopping online is super convenient. But can you really trust what you see in the photo? Clearly, this person shouldn’t have.


7. Imagine getting super excited to eat your pizza. Then when you open it, you see that the slice shrunk or the box is twice the normal size. Regardless, that’s not cool at all.


8. At least wrap the watermelon in tinfoil where the seeds aren’t clearly visible. Who knows though, maybe it was a typo or laziness.


9. Okay, this is pretty sneaky and genius. But we have to admit if it says “this isn’t junk mail” right on the envelope chances are it’s junk mail.

#9 metdaan

10. If you’re ever walking and need to throw out your bottle or coffee, don’t feel bad for not recycling it. Clearly, it’s too much work for them to section off the garbage!


11. Nowadays it’s really difficult to tell how people actually look like with all the different filters and photoshopping. But this girl took it to a whole other level!


12. This happens too often with desserts. They really should figure out a way to prevent this from happening. It’s the easiest way to get your day ruined.

13. We don’t know why, but some hotels are known to have this interesting set up in their washrooms. It’s clearly not the most practical thing to do.

14. Food related fails seem to be the most disappointing yet entertaining thing out of all the photos. Check out this loaf of bread that just missed the mark in so many fronts.


15. We all have those days when putting the shopping cart where it’s supposed to be can be annoying. But we’re pretty sure this is even more annoying.


16. Everyone remembers how, back in school, sharpening your pencil until it was perfectly pointy was a serious accomplishment. And then this catastrophe happens.

#16 puptasticPuptastic


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