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28 Pics That Will Make You Feel Mildly Uncomfortable


If you’re a perfectionist or if you’re just easily annoyed by the smallest of things, this list may make you extremely uncomfortable, so beware.

For those of us who aren’t exactly perfectionists, though, we do experience those moments that make us cringe. Sometimes when a picture or a moment seems off, it can make us uncomfortable or throw us off. There’s just something about things that are out of place that drive some people wild.

If you’re easily annoyed at the smallest details and find even the slightest things cringe-worthy, you may not enjoy this list of 28 pictures that will make you feel mildly (or even extremely) uncomfortable.

1. Okay, so a Justin Bieber-shaped cake is weird enough as it is…but a Justin Bieber-shaped meat plate is even weirder.

2. This elevator is not only tiny, but it’s in the shape of a triangle. How awkward and unsafe would you feel travelling in this elevator? I’d opt for the stairs.

3. Well, that’s one interesting place you could tape a fish.

4. We’ve all encountered the kid who will eat a bag of Cheetos and not bother to wash his or her hands, leaving sticky Cheetos crumbs everywhere. This kid takes that to a whole different level.

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