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This Picture Is A Lot Scarier After A Double Take


Usually, when you do a double take on a photo, it’s because you’ve missed something funny or silly. Well-this couple’s latest snap had the internet looking twice and freaking out!

People were pretty confused before an explanation was finally available. It certainly has a lot of people up in arms!

Mirrors can be a tricky thing, so when you’re taking a photo and there’s one involved it can often throw things off or cause an illusion.

This photo seems like a pretty average selfie of a young couple posing, but once you get a closer look you’ll notice that there is something a bit peculiar going on.

Have you spotted it? There’s actually a pretty disturbing detail in this picture that is freaking a lot of people out.

The image is captioned ‘I love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini’ with a heart eye emoji.

Everyone is aware of the stereotype that all Geminis are two-faced. Just as you’re taking in that information is when you should notice the strange part about this picture.

Haven’t spotted it yet? I’ll give you a hint. Check out the mirror in the background. More specifically, the reflection of the young couple.

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