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12 Pictures You Actually Will Hope Aren’t Real

The internet is full of hilarious things. Everything from pretty entertaining photos, to videos that you can’t help but watch over and over again. But you always have to be careful with photoshop. It’s hard to tell which photos are real and which are fake. Eventually, you’re able to easily tell.

Anyone remember the story about the new sea monster that was apparently lurking around a few years back? I mean, that was pretty obvious to a lot of us that it was fake. But then you have some photos that are so bizarre, you can’t tell if they are fake or not. 

Check out these 12 photos that you probably wish were fake but they are actually the real deal. Regardless, they are pretty funny to look at and they just give a reality check about the world that we are living in. So take a break and have yourself a good laugh. Enjoy.

1. Some of us have been unfortunate to feel the wrath of getting scammed. When you see something like this, all you can do is hope that this photo is fake. But sadly, it’s not. I really hope this person got his money back, I mean 225 for earbuds like that, that’s just sad.

2. This is pretty hilarious. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen every time the owner comes home, don’t want anything to ruin your day. I mean imagine having to clean that every time you come home from work.

3. Whether or not this is actually fake or real, it gives hope. The hope that there actually exists a place that you can work from that no one can bother you and you can feel completely relaxed. This person seemed to have found it. In the middle of the ocean.

4. Real or fake, this is a pretty clever idea. I mean, to reuse a holiday card for different occasions will give a good laugh to the person you are giving it to. If they have the right sense of humor of course. I just hope they didn’t actually give the deer card to anyone. That’s just risky.

5. I really really hope these are fake. It’s unpleasant enough to go through a breakup but when you have to see the things that your ex used to search up while he was with you is even more awkward and painful. This is some severe punishment that no one ever deserves.

6. This is actually amazing, but for safety reasons, I hope it doesn’t become a trend. Just imagine people at house parties people doing this very intoxicated. It’s very risky and no one should really do it. But maybe when you are sober it would be fun to try out.

7. Okay, at this point it’s pretty clear that this photo is fake but how cool would this be if it was true? There would be a huge line up every day in this area just to take a photo of it. It’s so gorgeous, too bad it isn’t true. If only it was. If only.

8. This is the perfect example where you wish this photo is fake. More so than any other photo. It’s pretty bad knowing that the mom drove bad enough that she tilted the car seat. It’s even worse thinking that she didn’t even lock the car seat properly, at all.

9. Okay, this probably did actually happen but it’s sad to think it did. Who wants to lose their phone in the first place never mind have some guy only reply to your texts with pictures of rapper Post Malone sipping carelessly from a glass. I would be both angry and amused.

10. The thought of a spider that can camouflage to look like the Pringles guy is really a scary thought. The spider himself looks pretty hardcore, so with a smile painted on him, it just looks plain creepy. I would not want to mess with that thing, especially if it’s venomous. Pretty scary, not going to lie.

11. I hope for this person’s father’s sake that this is fake. I mean, I’m pretty sure tattoos like this exist but showing something like that to your parents is just terrible. Never mind how awkward it is showing a condom to your parents. Maybe the person had a funny background story to the tattoo? Who knows.

12. I’m hoping for the sake of not only this person but everyone who is looking at this that this is not some trend that people are starting. No one actually tries to eat these things right? Hopefully, it’s just one of those people who likes being funny and taking funny photos to get some views.


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