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20 Pictures Of Moments Where Things Don’t Go Your Way


Murphy’s Law permeates every part of our lives. It simply states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. And this is a valuable ‘law’ to learn since the preparation for a worst case scenario will only be beneficial to us.

But on the off chance that everything dissolves into chaos, make sure you have a friend around who will photograph the mishap because you too might just go viral.

Whether it’s an archery mishap, a car accident or a bad choice of outfits, it is an inevitable fact of life that the universe will throw a couple of curveballs your way.

Here are 20 moments where things didn’t go quite as planned.

This one is pretty blatantly obvious as mentioned in the caption. But despite the great artistic skills, this picture is NOT of a girl who is 16 years old.

1-29 metdaan

Most people would be happy to have Elvis singing in their ear and casually leaning on them, but evidently, this lady wants no part of him and just wants to have her meal in peace.

You think you’re clever by paying for a drink to get that stuck sandwich down but apparently, the vending machine has other plans in mind.

It’s not every day when you see a man enter a hospital with a protruding arrow sticking out of his shoulder. But why is the nurse smiling/laughing at him?

18-12 reddit

We’ve all done this. When you wear an outfit that you think will make you a stunner but then someone calls you out for resembling an inanimate object.

This is why cupholders need to be adjustable so that they can fit a wide array of cups. This person is lucky to have leather seats, otherwise, it would have been a real sticky situation.

I don’t know if this is some sort of cruel joke but how do you get stuck in the ground? Did this person see a hole in the ground and just think to himself ‘I wonder what would happen if I hopped in?’

No matter what the jackpot was it must be disheartening to know that you were one number off from winning a nice pot of money.

What I’m more concerned with is how the cake looks. Is it still edible? What kind of cake is it? Can I have a slice? What’s the brand of the phone that survived being baked into a cake?

Bring out the vacuum cleaner and a bucket to hold your tears because this gentleman is going to have a long 2 hours ahead of him.

Yeah, I would stop drinking from that water bottle. Probably throw the rest of the case out too while you’re at it.

Why are porcupines up in trees to begin with and what did this person do to anger the animal so much? This honestly looks incredibly painful.

Guess this guy is wearing a hat for the rest of the day. Although he could be starting a new trend with a haircut like that.

What was she doing sticking her head in that crack, to begin with? Was it for a bet? Or was she just trying to prove a point?

This one is no good. Not only did the person get spaghetti all over the roof of their car but they also completely totaled their vehicle.

When it’s a pizza and chill kind of night and then your date drops the last frozen pizza left in the house. I guess it’s delivery.

That sounds like a fun wedding if you ask me. Guess it hurts to be a best man.

Yeah. this is indeed a good time to move. There is a literal floating face staring back at the cameraman. I would advise against trying the other filters.

I don’t know what sucks more. Being that guy who got rejected in front of a crowd of people, or that girl who DID the rejecting and now everyone thinks she’s some cruel, mean lady.

Was this person eating ice cream as they were driving? Where was the plastic seal that wraps around the lid? I say 5-second rule!


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