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20 Pictures Only Extremely Tall People Will Be Able To Relate To


My whole life, I’ve grown up as a shorty, so I can’t necessarily speak for anyone who has grown up being tall, but I can say I’ve experienced one extreme so I can empathize with those who struggle with their height.

Despite not knowing what it’s like to be too tall, I do have quite a bit of tall friends who express their height woes to me on the regular. From what I’ve gathered, being tall can be cool but it also has its burdens just like being short. 

There’s a stigma, especially for tall women, in regards to being too tall, and even more annoying than that, being too tall can cause health complications and just general life complications. But sometimes, being tall is super cool too. Here are 20 photos encompassing the good and the bad that only extremely tall people will be able to relate to.

1.When your friends are already shorter than you but then you go out for the night and you’re just a beautiful giant. That height difference is mind blowing.

2. Being tall is amazing in situations like these. I can hardly imagine the world where I don’t need assistance to get something off a high shelf.

3. When you’re too tall for the group photo so you have to bend down low and strike a pose.

4. But then sometimes you run into issues like this. Too tall to even use the urinal. Time to squat, I guess.

5. That feel when you take a nice photo with some important people in your life, but it just winds up looking a little comical. Apparently, she was taller than the both of them by the time she was just 8-years-old.

6. When you take a photo with your friend but it looks like you’re just pushing them into your bosom…

7. Unfortunately, a lot of beds wind up being just a tad too small…  There’s just no stretch room and even if there was, is it comfortable to have your feet hanging off the bed?

Screenshot 2017-07-11 14.04.11 Instagram / drinkwineeatbreadpetcats

8. Imagine being so tall that your legs are still crushed up even while you’re sitting in the front seat. Yikes

Screenshot 2017-07-11 14.05.55 Instagram / kwwrn

9. That feel when you risk bumping your head just trying to walk through a door… Time to duck and shuffle!

10. And, of course, there’s always the issue of low ceilings once you get through the low door. It must be a supremely odd feeling.

Screenshot 2017-07-11 14.06.45 Instagram / strwberrybabe

11. The sad reality of Instagram not being there for your height, so whenever the square is chosen your head is always cropped out and of course, your friends just go with it. “But at least I tagged you!!” they (probably) say.

Screenshot 2017-07-11 14.08.31 Instagram / kriskaoriordan_

12. And sometimes even a mirror isn’t big enough to show you the whole picture… All chest and no head.

Screenshot 2017-07-11 14.09.30 Instagram / jasondlp

13. Taking a bath has never been so difficult. How does one even get comfortable? And then aren’t your legs cold…? Time to invest in a bigger tub, my friend.

14. Sometimes it pays off to be a nice friend and kneel for an Instagram photo, or you might have to deal with your head being cropped out yet again. But also… that height difference is surreal.

15. And of course one could just crouch instead of kneeling, but you might look like you’re doing the chicken dance.

16. Yet another cramped leg while traveling… Hope their flight wasn’t too long.

17. They say conversation is the most important part of going out to lunch with someone, but how are you supposed to have a conversation when you’re so tall that the lamp covers your face?

Screenshot 2017-07-11 14.18.20 Instagram / st3fn33

18. Some good old shopping woes. When you just want a dress, not a top, but you’re too tall for an actual mini dress to be anything but a top.

19. When you just want to use the bathroom in peace with some privacy, but… you’re just too tall for privacy.

20. And lastly, that feeling when you’re too tall to even take a shower. Time to invest in a shower chair.


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